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ACT Test Info that You Should Not Miss

What is the ACT Test?

ACT is a college-recruitment test that provides the test takers a fair chance to display their skills in basic fields of study. Individuals taking this test have to display their skills in four academic fields, namely, English, Math, Science and Reading. There exists an additional Writing section too that evaluates the test takers' skill in composing a short essay in an organized and logical manner. As the ACT test is favored by most test takers, in this article you shall read about important ACT test info that you need for attaining success in ACT. The ACT test info comprises of the explanation of five ACT test sections, the expected question types and the process of scoring ACT. In addition, the ACT test info provides you tips on how to compute your ACT percentile and more facts that you should not miss!

What are the ACT Test Sections?

The ACT test measures the test takers' knowledge in five objective sections, each of which measures the test takers' capability in solving questions based on it. Let us read about the ACT test info for these sections:

English: The ACT English section measures your skills in solving questions based on fundamental concepts like punctuation, sentence correction and structure, style of answering and your skills of flawless usage of grammar, strategy and organization. There are 75 questions in this section that are set on each of these skills in varied amounts, i.e., punctuation has 10 questions while the organization has 11. You will be granted 45 minutes to complete this section.

Mathematics: There are 60 questions in total from this section that evaluate your skills in Prep-Algebra, Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra, etc. You will get a total of one hour to complete the questions in this section.

Reading: Your comprehension skills are thoroughly tested in this section. You need to read and comprehend passages that are based on Prose, Fiction, Humanities, Social Studies and Natural Sciences. There will be forty questions, based on four passages for reading comprehension, which you have to complete within 35 minutes.

Science Test: You will be tested on three standpoints in this ACT test section, namely, data presentation, research synopsis and your skills of arguing for/against contradictory opinions. You have to answer 40 questions from this section within 35 minutes.

Writing Test: The test takers may/may not opt for this optional ACT test section as, their choice depends completely on the academic requirement of their desired college/university. If the test takers choose to test for this section, they have to compose an essay response based on a given prompt within a span of 30 minutes. Test takers are evaluated based on their skills in forming a logical and organized response to the given essay prompt.
Questions of all ACT test sections (except the Writing section) are based on multiple-choice answers, which contain four answer choices.

What is the Nature of ACT Questions?

This is an important ACT test info as you have to prepare for ACT, based on your awareness of the types of question to expect in the test. Following are the outlines of the questions to expect in ACT:

Science-based Questions: These are multiple-choice questions that may be based on illustrations like graphs, pictorial representation of facts and data, pie charts, diagrams and tables, etc.

Mathematics Questions: You have to solve math questions that will contain algebraic expressions and simple polygons, etc.

Sentence-Improvement Questions: Under this type, you are asked to change certain underlined portion or portions of a sentence or sentences. You have to choose the option that best replaces the underlined portion. Select the fixed option, called, 'No Change', in case you do not want to make any changes to the given sentence.

Passage-Based Questions: Under this type, you have to answer multiple-choice questions that are based on a given passage.

How is the Test Scored?

ACT test info also describes the test's scoring pattern. The test is scored in two steps, which are:

a) All the correctly answered questions of each ACT section are calculated in order to get the raw ACT score.

b) The raw score is then converted into composite ACT score, which is finally used to postulate your percentile ranking.

The calculation of ACT percentile ranking (which shows how well you performed in ACT as compared with other test takers) is an important ACT test info. Your composite ACT score ranges from 1-36, which is used to compute the percentile ranking. You will have higher percentile ranking only when you have a higher composite score. Percentile ranking is integral for college admissions and hence it is recommended that you score pretty high in ACT. You can take the help of prep courses or guide books for this.

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