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Sources of ACT Test Help for Prep

Preparing for the ACT test is one uphill task. Scoring in this exam is important as it will determine where you will go for your college and the course of your future. For those of you who are preparing for the ACT test, help is offered by way of the many preparatory books, classes, free as well as paid online materials, etc. These sources of 'ACT test help' have been discussed in this article. But first, let us briefly see how we must go about preparing for ACT.

How to Prepare for ACT?

The correct way to prepare for ACT can be summed up in four steps. Firstly, understand the pattern of the test, the content tested and the kind of questions asked. Secondly, decide what will be the mode of preparation that you will follow i.e. self-study, physical coaching classes or online preparatory classes. Proceed to assimilate all preparation materials and sources of 'ACT test help'. The third step is to set a deadline for studying and revising all topics that are tested in the subject. The last step is to do as many practice questions and take as many practice tests as possible.

Preparatory Books

There are a number of preparatory books that can be used as study guides. These are the best sources of 'ACT test help'. Even if you have joined some sort of classes, you will need a good study guide to help you with the concepts you don't understand and provide you with a library of questions to solve. Most ACT study guides do not cost more than $35. The first book you should consider is the official guide for ACT called The Real ACT Prep Guide which is priced at $35. It contains lots of previous year questions and papers along with a review of the topics that are tested in the exam. The next test guide is Barron's ACT which is priced at just $18.99. Barron's books are famous for having an extensive and highly useful English section, replete with their miracle word lists that tend to have all the important words that you must learn for any English exam. Also, the level of questions given in a Barron's book is higher than of those given in any other book.

The other two books which should be used for ACT come from Kaplan and The Princeton Review. They are both priced at $31.99 each and come with a DVD/CD-ROM. Purchasing these books provides students with a complete package that includes a text book as well as access to online materials on their respective websites. Both books cover all topics that come in the exam and follow these up with practice questions. Practice tests are also available with detailed solutions. Both offer video lessons on various topics.

Coaching Classes

Most students are a little uncomfortable with the idea of self-study and prefer, while preparing for ACT test, help or instructions from experienced teachers. It is useful to enroll for preparatory classes as these teachers are experts when it comes to the ACT test and can tell you exactly which materials to use as well as offer guidance on those concepts tested in the ACT which you find difficult to understand. Two popular coaching centers are those of Kaplan and The Princeton Review in their centers across various cities in different countries. Other coaching centers can also be considered depending on your locality. These courses can cost anywhere ranging from $100 to $600.

Virtual Training and Other Online Resources

Again, Kaplan ( and The Princeton Review ( offer many online training options to students preparing for ACT. Options include private tutoring, group tutoring, basic guidance, etc. Other sites also provide similar options. The official ACT website ( has made available a fun, online software for ACT test preparation. One year access to this software costs $19.99 and it contains practice tests, questions, tips, strategies and other useful resources for preparing for the test. McGraw-Hill ( also provides students with free practice tests on their website. So does ACT Practice Test (

Select any of the above listed sources and begin your ACT preparation!

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