Guide for ACT Test

How to Select an ACT Test Guide?

A rigorous preparation schedule is essential, to prepare properly for the ACT. This test assesses your skills required to perform well in the key academic subjects. These scores are used by various universities in USA for admissions. Before you start your preparation, it is advised that you know everything about the test, its sections, question types and all other details pertaining to the test. This will help you to plan accordingly and give your best towards preparation.

What Does the ACT Consist of?

The ACT has four sections and an optional Writing test. The four sections of the test will cover the following subject areas: English, Mathematics, Science and Reading. It consist of only multiple-choice questions, except in the optional Writing test, where you will be required to write an essay based upon a given opinion. The English section evaluates candidates' language usage abilities and rhetorical skills. The Mathematics section tests your ability to solve problems based upon the concepts from high school. The Science section tests your abilities to analyze, interpret and comprehend the data given in the form of pictorial representations and summaries etc. The Reading section tests your reading comprehension abilities. Let us now look into the details of how to prepare for the test in order to perform well.

How to Prepare for ACT

The test, as said evaluates your academic knowledge based upon the concepts taught in high school. Apart from your test scores, your GPA will also be considered at the time of admissions. Therefore, you should perform well on your academic front and ensure that you maintain a high GPA. This will prove to be beneficial since preparing well for your academic exams will indirectly help you while preparing for the test. The primary difference between the ACT and your academic exams is that the ACT consists of questions that are confusing and not straightforward as those in your academic exams. Further, in this test, time is a very important factor that you should consider. You barely get a minute to solve a question. So, on the whole, you require good training, a good test guide and support for preparation in order to do well in the test.

You should either choose to attend any good training institute or should prepare on your own. Merely taking the test without planned preparation is a waste of money and your time. In the process of your preparation, good study materials are helpful companions for your success. No matter where you get trained or what mode you choose to prepare for the test, a good guide book is the only full-fledged training support for your preparation. It presents to you knowledge of all the tests, conceptual reviews, comprehensive explanations, practice questions, tests etc. However, choosing a good guide for the test makes quite a difference.

How to Select a Study Guide?

Merely learning and practicing from some guides which is not good will be useless. The points listed below will help you choose a good guide for preparation that will help you score high in the test.

  • First, the test guide that you wish to select should be authored by an expert tutor or should be published by one of the top publishing companies.
  • The guide you wish to select should contain comprehensive explanations for each and every section.
  • It should contain numerous practice questions, solved examples for giving you a better understanding of the concepts, tips and strategies in order to help you solve the problems in a much faster manner.
  • It should provide full-length tests in order to help you understand the real test format.
  • A test guide that comes with an accompanied CD would be of more help for your preparation. Remember to purchase the official "ACT Test Prep Guide" from the official website of ACT.