ACT Test Facts

Facts about ACT Test Sections That You Should Remember

Before starting your preparation for ACT, it is very important that you know key ACT test facts pertaining to its test sections. It is advised that you remember all these key ACT test facts pertaining to the test sections until the end of the exam. This will help you be focused on the test and the test pattern. More importantly, remembering all the key ACT test facts will help you perform well in the exam since you can concentrate more on the ACT test sub-consciously. If you know all the ACT test facts on your fingertips, then you can attempt the test paper without really looking at the instructions for each section and can completely concentrate on the questions to be solved. Let us first discuss in brief about what is the ACT test before knowing the key ACT test facts pertaining to each section of the ACT.

What is ACT Test?

ACT test is administered for the high school students by the ACT, Inc, USA. The ACT test is a standardized test and the ACT test scores are used by various American universities to shortlist students for the undergraduate courses. The ACT test is administered six times a year and it is administered worldwide. A large number of American universities accept ACT scores and hence there exists a very stiff competition among the ACT test takers. The test comprises five separately timed sections that assess your abilities in different high school academic aspects. The ACT test primarily assesses the skills that you would have developed while carrying out your high school studies.

Facts about ACT Test Sections That You Should Remember

The ACT test consists of four sections in all and they are the English, Reading, Mathematics and Science sections. In addition to these four sections in ACT, there is an optional Writing test that can be taken or avoided depending upon the test taker's interest and requirement. Mentioned below are some key ACT test facts that you should remember until you take the exam.

  • First, you should remember that time factor is the most important of all the ACT test facts. The questions in ACT are based upon the high school concepts but they are confusing in nature and ACT is all about solving the given test paper within the allotted time frame. So, try to remember the time allotted for every section right from day one of your prep.
  • The English section lasts for 45 minutes, Mathematics lasts for 60 minutes, the Reading and Science sections lasts for 35 minutes each. The optional Writing test lasts for a period of 30 minutes. If you practice for the test keeping all these time frames in your mind, you can master attempting the paper in the allotted time automatically.
  • Next, you should remember the number of questions that each section contains. The English section contains 75 questions, the Mathematics section contains 60 questions, the Reading and the Science sections contain 40 questions each. The optional Writing test contains one prompt which should be answered with an essay.

These are the key ACT test facts that you should register in your mind and they are very important for your success in the exam.

Question Types

All the sections except the optional Writing test consist of multiple-choice questions. The following question types appear in the test:

  • The English section contains questions that test your usage and rhetoric skills.
  • The Mathematics section contains questions that test your solving skills and the problems are based upon the concepts of your high school academic syllabus.
  • The Reading section tests your reading comprehension skills. There will be four passages, after reading which you should answer the questions corresponding to each passage.
  • In the Science section, questions on data interpretation, summaries and conflicting viewpoints appear. These questions are all based upon the basic concepts of Natural Sciences.

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