Deadlines for ACT Test

ACT Deadlines to Keep in Mind

A deadline can be defined as the last date permissible for any action. Whenever an exam is concerned, deadlines get very crucial and ACT is no exception in this regard. The deadlines are related to the registration dates, test dates and score sending dates. Though registration is a prerequisite for taking the test, even if a test taker misses the deadlines concerning registration, he can have some hope. With online registration, a test taker can be assured that even if he/she registers on a day near the deadline, his/her application will reach in time. However, it is suggested that test takers complete the registration process before the last date.  A test taker is therefore suggested to mark in his/her calendar all the important deadlines related to the test so that no important date or deadline is missed in the process of preparation.

All the important  deadlines for ACT are discussed below.

1. Deadline for Registration

Deadline for registration means the last permissible date for the test taker to register for the test for a particular date. However, there is an arrangement that if the test taker has missed the registration deadline, he/she can go for standby testing on the day of the test. The test taker can request for standby testing by creating a student web account and filling up a downloadable request form, ( Standby testing does not guarantee admission ticket or seat availability at the test center. Only if there is a surplus of seating facility and test materials at the center, the test taker will be allowed to take the test. Admission to the test center is done on first come, first served basis. 

2. Deadlines for the Day of Test

On the day of the test, a test taker needs to be present at the test center by 8:00 a.m. The deadline for entry to test center is therefore eight in the morning. Test procedure begins once all the test takers are checked in and seated. A short break is given after the first two tests. There is also a break scheduled before the Writing test. This break is shorter in duration than the first break. The entire test gets over and the test takers are dismissed by 12:15 p.m. The test takers who opt for the Writing test are dismissed by 1:00 p.m. On its official website, ACT has mentioned the scheduled test dates till June, 2014. A test taker can plan his/her test day in advance.

3. Deadline for Sending the Scores

For online viewing, the scores are available within two and a half weeks after the test date. The score report is dispatched to the test takers within 3-8 weeks after the test date. Once the test taker has received the score report, he/she can request ACT to send his/her scores to the colleges and scholarship agencies other than those filled in the registration form. Colleges receive students' score report according to the reporting schedule of that particular college. ACT usually takes 3-8 weeks after the first test date to report students' scores to colleges. Different colleges take different time to respond to the score report of the students.

With this information related to the deadlines for the test, a test taker can prepare for the exam without the worry of missing important deadlines.