ACT test dates

ACT is an exam which is taken by those students who are seeking admission in the colleges in US or US territories. ACT scores are one of the many criteria for the admissions in colleges. Colleges take into account ACT scores, student's academic record, high school grades, extracurricular activities of a student while considering him for admission and scholarship. ACT also helps students in their career plans. ACT is not an intelligence test but it measures your academic abilities in different subjects which you would have acquired in your high school studies.

ACT is a test with 215 multiple choice questions which are divided into four sections- English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. Another section called Writing test is also part of the exam. This section is however an optional section. All these sections are very basic tests and students find the questions to be very easy. But the time limit is an important factor in this exam. To get through this exam students have to take care of their pace of taking the exam. Getting a good score in ACT can place you in a reputed college of your choice and also makes you eligible for scholarships and loans. As so many students appear for this exam, competition is really tough, so one has to prepare for this exam very well to get admission in a good college.

ACT test dates

ACT is conducted on ACT test dates that are available throughout the school year. ACT test dates have been scheduled in a manner that ACT is conducted almost four to six times in a year. All the ACT test dates may not be available in all the test locations. Usually, ACT test dates are planned in the months of February, April, June, September, October, and December. September testing is not offered in all the places. Normally ACT test dates fall on Saturdays. But if somebody requests for another ACT test dates due to some religious reason or some other valid reason, then the ACT exam date is scheduled on the following Sunday. As ACT test dates is available through out the year, you should try to select a test date few months before the colleges start their admission procedures, as ACT results take 4 to 7 weeks time to reach your colleges. Many students take ACT more then once to improve their scores. They take this test once in their junior year and if they are not satisfied with the scores they give it again in their senior year. Students are allowed to use their best scores.

You can change your ACT exam date without any additional charges if you are making the changes before the deadline of the registration for the test. After the deadline is passed you have to pay an extra amount of US $20.5 to get your ACT exam date changed. Normal deadline for ACT registration is almost 5 weeks before the ACT exam date. Even If you miss the first deadline, you can register for the exam by paying a late fee of US $19. Deadline with the late fee is up to 22 days before the ACT exam date.

ACT test dates 2007

ACT test dates for 2007 are February10, 2007, April 14, 2007, June 9, 2007, September15, 2007, October 27, 2007, December 8, 2007. The deadlines for ACT registration for the above ACT test dates of 2007 are as follows: 05 January for the February test, 09 March for the April test, 04 May for the June test, 16 August for the September ACT test, 21 September for the October test and 02 November for the December test. ACT test date 2007 for September is available only in very few states in America. No testing is available in New York city on ACT test date 2007 for February.

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