ACT Test Dates

ACT test dates are important for all those who are planning to appear for the test. The students who are planning to appear in 2006, 2006 ACT test dates are February11, 2006, April 8, 2006, June 10, 20006, September16, 2006, October 28, 2006, December10, 2006. These ACT test dates for 2006 or 2006 ACT test dates are spread throughout the year. So students can easily schedule their test according to their convenience. 2006 ACT test dates for September16, is available only in very few states in America. There will be no ACT test in New York city on 2006 ACT test dates for the month of February.

ACT exam dates and locations

All the ACT exam dates are not available in all the exam locations. Every exam location is having its own testing schedule. In fact all countries do not have ACT exam location so you should check the available ACT exam dates in your choice of test location country wise. Writing test is not available on all the ACT test dates, if you also want to take ACT writing test, you should check the available test location. Detailed information about the exam dates and locations is available on the ACT site Once you have decided your ACT exam date and test location, you can log on to ACT web site and register for the exam. Actually there are two ways of registering for ACT. You can register online using internet or by mail through registration papers. But paper registration is available only for the students from US. For international students there is only one option available. But before you register yourself you should decide the ACT test dates, which is most suitable for you. Students with some disability who want special accommodation during the exam have to provide document proof. They cannot register online. They can register through admission packets. Students can get these registration forms from their high schools or they can order these forms from the official web site For online registration, you have to make a free web account on the ACT web site and after that instructions on the web page will guide you through the process of registration. To open your web account, you have to provide your personal information and email id. Your web account on the web site not only helps you in registration, but also gives you many more services like viewing your scores, rescheduling your ACT exam dates and test locations and all other information about ACT. Therefore, even students who are not registering online can also make a web account online to avail these services.

Having your web account helps you to change your ACT test date. You can change your ACT exam date and testing location after logging on to your account. At the time of rescheduling, you have to provide your admission ticket number, test center and scheduled test date. You can reschedule your ACT exam date and testing location on phone by calling ACT at 319/337-1270. If you are rescheduling ACT exam date and testing location before the deadline of ACT registration, you do not have to pay any extra amount. You can also order preparation materials for test on the web site through your web account.

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