ACT Test Cost

ACT-How Much You Pay and Why?

ACT is administered in the months of September, October, December, February, April and June. You should select a test date for taking the ACT and should register for the ACT either online or by mail. You can find all the information regarding any aspect pertaining to ACT on the official website of the ACT. The test dates for the ACT 2011-12 have been released. Visit this link to find the test dates for the ongoing ACT: We shall now discuss the ACT test cost, an important aspect to be considered before registering for the exam.

What is the Cost of the ACT Test?

ACT consists of four sections and there is an accompanying Writing test which is optional. It is up to students to choose whether to take the Writing test or not. Hence, ACT test is available with two options often called as ACT (No Writing) and ACT Plus Writing. So, the ACT test cost depends upon which test option you wish to select. The fees mentioned below are applicable for testing in USA only.

  • The ACT (No Writing) costs you US $34. This ACT test cost includes exam fees, charges for sending reports to you and your high school (if notified earlier) and upto four college choices.
  • The ACT Plus Writing costs you US $49.50. The extra ACT test cost of US $15.50 is meant for the optional Writing test. This fee, US $15.50 is refundable if you are either absent on the respective test date or if you have opted not to take the ACT Plus Writing and to take the ACT (No Writing) instead. This refundable amount will be refunded only upon a written request.

ACT-How Much You Pay and Why?

ACT test cost is not all about the registration fees. There are many other registration services that one can avail for extra charges. Other registration services include registering through telephone, late registration, stand-by testing and International testing.

  • You can register for the ACT by telephone by adding an additional amount of US $13 to the original registration fees.
  • Students in USA or Canada can avail the late registration service in case they miss out the regular registration date. You can register late by paying an additional sum of US $21 apart from the regular registration fees.
  • To change the test date, you have to add an additional sum of US $21 to the original fee amount. Here, in case you request for a test date change after the regular registration deadline, then you must add the late fee too. Therefore, the whole ACT test cost amounts to US $42.
  • You can request for a test centre change by paying an additional sum of US $21 plus the original test fees.
  • Students taking the test outside USA or Canada must pay an amount of US $27 plus the regular registration test fees.
  • In case you have not registered for a particular test date, then you can avail standby testing service. Standby testing is nothing but paying the stated fees on the test date itself. Standby testing is allowed on a first-come first-served basis. So, you can avail standby testing only if there are vacancies after all the regular registered students are seated for testing. To register for standby testing, you will have to pay an additional fee of US $42 to the regular registration fees. You can refer to this link to know more about the standby testing mode:
  • You can request a fifth and sixth college choice by paying an extra amount of 10$ for each college choice.
  • There are two types of reports submitted for the colleges. They are referred to as the regular report and the priority report. Visit this link to know more about the costs associated with these reports:

ACT Scoring and Reports

The ACT test scores are will be ready after two weeks from the test date. They will be posted online once they are ready. There will be no ACT test cost for viewing scores online and obtaining score reports online. You can view your scores directly from your student web account for free.

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