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Should You Attend ACT Prep Classes

Every individual's preparatory needs differ from those of other individuals. Some students are comfortable preparing on their own and perform well when left alone to monitor their own schedule. Others might require some additional help and may feel at ease only when they are enrolled in a course in which they are taught how to approach a subject or test.

Should You Attend ACT Prep Classes?

Since the ACT is a standardized test, it is best if you acquaint yourself with the pattern of the test. It is also beneficial to have an expert instruct you on how to approach the test and prepare for it. Course instructors also make you take ample mock tests and then point out your mistakes to you. They assimilate the best preparation materials and distribute copies of these to students. Taking ACT test classes might prove useful in this respect.

Kaplan (

Kaplan offers many offline and online preparatory courses to help students who are aiming to take the ACT test in the near future. These courses have been tailored to suit the needs of students. Kaplan courses can cost anywhere from $200 to $4700 depending on whether you are opting for just an individual subject course or you are purchasing a comprehensive course that provides instructions on all the subjects. By entering your zip code on the Kaplan website, you will be able to find relevant ACT test classes close to your location. If you want to prepare online, you can choose any one of the live online courses that Kaplan holds throughout the year. Enrolling for a Kaplan course will provide you with complete preparation materials that include practice tests, questions, tutorials, lessons covering all basic concepts tested in the ACT test, study plans, weekly score reports, etc.

The Princeton Review (

The Princeton Review is an expert in the field of test preparation. The company holds several online and offline (classroom) ACT test classes to fulfill the preparatory needs of students. These ACT test classes can cost you anywhere from $200 to $5200, depending on whether the course is online or conducted in a classroom, it is personalized or as part of a group, the size of the group, etc. Both online and offline courses provide you with dedicated hours of instructions, a minimum of four practice ACT tests, access to lessons on how to prepare for the test, a personalized study plan, review, clarification of doubts, etc.

Grockit (

Grockit is another upcoming test preparation company that provides online instructions to help you prepare for several exams. It offers its services to help you prepare for the test at a bargain price of just $15 per month. The website offers a diagnostic test to assess your strengths and weaknesses and follows it up by providing you with a study plan. Reviews of the test are given with detailed explanations in written as well as video form. You are also provided access to all the practice questions and tests housed in the website. Tutorials on some aspects of the test are also given.

Revolution Prep (

Revolution Prep provides you with three preparation options-personal tutoring, group tutoring and online tutoring. Their ACT test classes are priced in the range of $299 to $4800. Private tutoring is the costliest and is provided online as well as in physical coaching centers, preferably your home. These classes are charged as per hours of instructions. Other courses are not that expensive and do not cross the price of $1000. Enrolling for preparatory classes with this company will provide you with at least 5 full length ACT practice tests, personalized courses, a review of all the subjects as well as a plethora of practice materials among other things.
Be careful while choosing a test preparatory company and the course you want to enroll in. Take your individual needs into account. There might be other companies that provide their services to help you prepare for the test in your locality and they might suit you better. It is best that you explore all your options before taking a decision.

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