Test Centers for ACT:

The ACT  is conducted six times in an academic year and at that time various test centers are thrown open to the candidates. Before appearing for the test, you should look at the list of the various centers that have been made available and take into consideration those centers that are near to your place, so that you will be able to reach easily. Once you have gone through the list of test centers, the next step is to register yourself with the authorities where you intend to appear for the test.
You must try to register with the test centers within the specified time period, so as to avoid rush and confusion. The deadline for registering for the test centers are generally two weeks prior to the final test date.
If you want to get more details pertaining to the various test centers, you can visit the following website: www.actstudent.org . This official web site will provide you with complete information about the test centers for ACT including their locations, the various means of reaching the test centers etc. In case you have any doubts regarding the test centers you can also post your queries at this official web site and thus clarify your doubts.
If you want to search for the list of test centers available within America and Canada on internet, you will have to mention the name of the state, province and territory in which you want to look up for the centers. Then you can type the name of the city and mention the centers which you want to view. If the territory or province you are looking for is not mentioned in the list, then it is for sure that no test centers  have been scheduled there for the test. You should consider centers where you will be able to reach on time on the final test date.

Your Responsibility at a Test Center:

There are certain responsibilities that you must carry out in the test center. The very first being to coordinate with the test faculty and make complete arrangements for taking the test at the center. You should keep in mind that it is your responsibility to make appointments at the center for ACT and that too at least two three days prior to the test.
The next very important responsibility that you have is to reach the  center on time. If you fail to arrive at the allotted time, then you will get less time to complete the test. If you fail to reach that center till 15 minutes from the time the test has started, then your seat will be given to another student as there are limited seating arrangements. Though you will be permitted to take washroom breaks, but make it a point to take these breaks before you enter the test room, as those breaks will be counted within the total time allotted for the test completion.
Get in touch with the test taking authorities a few days prior to the test and don't forget to remind them about your test dates so that proper arrangements can be done at the center. If you need special accommodation at the test center, you must inform the authorities well in advance so that the authorities can consider your request well in time and make arrangements accordingly.

If you want to get your test date canceled, you should inform the ACT center authorities well in time so that your seat can be allotted to some other student. To be on the safer side, you should contact the center authorities prior to the test date and check if there is any sort of change in the test date, time or for any other changes in the schedule. Carry only authorized items such as pen, pencils, erasers, and calculator and try not to carry any expensive item to the test center as the center authorities will not take any responsibility for such items. Try not to bring your parents, siblings or friends to the test center as they wont be permitted to enter the premises.

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