List of ACT Test Centers

List of ACT Test Centers

The ACT is conducted six times in a year at various exam centers. You can select a test center from the list available in the official website and these centers are located widely across the world. In case, there are no centers available in your area, you can opt for testing in another location which is near your place and can be accessed easily. In case, no such test centers are available, then you can request for Arranged Testing.

ACT Test Centers in United States and Canada

The test centers list for ACT is divided into two parts: The first division of list contains places belonging to United States and the U.S. Territories, Canada and Puerto Rico. It includes the state, the territory or province to which it belongs and you can find a particular test center by entering the city's name to which the test center belongs. While searching for your test center in the list, you can use abbreviations but no punctuations. For e.g. if you are searching for a test center, then you have to mention the state, territory and province to which the test center belongs. You also get the option of entering either the city's or the test center's name. If you cannot find your test center, state or province in the list, it means that your province does not have any test centers. In this case, you can test in another test location, which is within a distance of 50 miles from your house. If you are not able to find such a test center, then you can request for Arranged Testing, whereby you will be allotted a test center near your home. More information regarding test centers is available at the link:

International ACT test centers

The second division of test centers' list includes test centers belonging to another country. The countries include Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Cambodia, India etc, but all these centers do not function on all the test dates. So, you have to check whether your selected exam center is available for testing on a particular test date.

For e.g. if you are searching for a test center in Australia, then the search result is displayed under the headings: name of the city, name of the center, code of the center and the dates on which the exam is available. In order to test in another country, you need to register using the international testing brochure ( ). This comes under the additional services and can be availed by paying an extra amount. The fee can be paid using a valid credit card like MasterCard, VISA Card, and American Express. If there are no test centers available within 50 miles from your place of stay, you can select a center located in another nearby location. If no such test center is available, you can request for Arranged Testing.

Arranged Testing can be requested by those students who cannot take the Saturday test because of religious beliefs. These students will be allotted a non-Saturday test center, where they can take the ACT. If you had registered for the exam, but were not able to take the test, because of ill-health on all the scheduled test dates ( ), you can request for arranged testing.

For taking the ACT at various test centers, you need to register for the test. The registration for the exam can be done by using online registration and register-by-mail method. You need to create a student web account in order to register for the examination, which can be created at the link . This student web account can be used for accessing all the details regarding ACT, like admission ticket, recent updates, score report etc. You can take the test at any test center located across the world. You can test at a center which is at a comfortable location and can be easily accessed.