ACT Test Centers 2012

Where Can You Take the ACT in 2012

The ACT test is a nationalized standard college admissions test. It was initiated in 1959 and was launched as a rival to the SAT exam. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular admissions tests that are conducted today. It is also the most widely accepted test in the United States, being accepted by almost all colleges and universities across its territory.

The exam is conducted in sessions. These sessions start in September/October and end in June. Each session, or each year, the exam is conducted six times across test centers in America, its territories, Canada and Puerto Rico. International locations have the exam conducted 5 times in one year or session. The Writing test option is not provided on the February test date in international locations.

National Testing Locations

The word 'national' here refers to the area covered under the United States, its territories, Canada and Puerto Rico. To locate ACT test centers (2012) near you, all you have to do is to visit this link - The test dates on which the exam is provided in ACT test centers (2012) can be confirmed by visiting: There are six test dates for 2012. These are:

  • February 11
  • April 14
  • June 9
  • September 8
  • October 27
  • December 8

New York test centers will not conduct the test on the February date. ACT test centers (2012) hold the exam on Saturdays unless specifically mentioned. There are provisions of standby testing, arranged testing and non-Saturday testing which will be discussed further on.

International Locations

International locations refer to all those locations that fall outside the territory of the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. The ACT exam is conducted only 5 times in these international locations. The ACT Plus Writing exam is offered on all dates except for the February date. To find ACT test centers (2012) near you, visit - The test dates ( are:

  • February 11
  • April 14
  • June 9
  • October 27
  • December 8

Not all ACT test centers (2012) are scheduled to conduct the test on all testing dates.

Standby Testing

In case a student misses the registration deadline as well as the late registration deadline, he still has the option of standby testing ( Other students who were not able to take the test on their test date also have this option. This option is offered only if enough seats, materials and staff are available on that day. If you are pre-registered for a previous or future test date, it is advisable to go in for test date change rather than standby testing.

Non-Saturday Testing

Since the ACT exam is mostly held on Saturdays, there is a provision for students to test on a non-Saturday. This provision is only applicable for students who cannot test on Saturdays due to their religious beliefs or who live in remote areas with only a non-Saturday test center within 50 miles of them. Visit for more information.

Arranged Testing

Arranged testing ( is an option provided by the ACT organization wherein they hold the test in the student's home, hospital or in a nearby school/college. This option is provided to students residing in the territory of the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada not having a test center within 50 miles of their residence. For international students, it is provided if they do not have any ACT test center in their whole country. This option is also available to students unwilling to test on a Saturday due to their religious beliefs and do not have access to a non-Saturday test center within 50 miles of them. Students who are confined to a hospital, correctional facility or their home are also provided with this option.

Thus, a student has many testing options and can choose any of the above means to test. ACT test centers cooperate fully to convenience test-takers as much as is possible.

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