ACT Test Books

How to Select ACT Test Books?

ACT Test Books:

Your required skills for handling college level courses can be measured if you take the ACT test as it contains test sections, which evaluate your fundamental skills in English, Mathematics, Reading, Science Reasoning and Writing (optional). Colleges and universities in the US accept high ACT scores, along with other criteria like your GPA, class rank, etc., as a considerable criterion for admission. If you wish to study on your own for this test, it is necessary that you are guided by appropriate ACT test books. However, there are certain criteria of ACT test books that you must consider before purchasing them. Moreover, you also need to know about the best ACT test books for preparing. To know all these details, go through the remaining article.

What Are the Things to Look for in ACT Test Books?

A proper ACT prep book must have certain qualities that distinguish it from the others. Follow the below mentioned standards to select your ACT guide book:

  • Publisher: The content of your desired ACT test book depends largely upon its publisher. It is recommended that you choose a prep book that is published by a renowned publisher like Princeton Review, Kaplan and MacMillan, etc. as that ensures the authenticity of its content.
  • Practice Exercises: Before choosing your prep guide, you must flip through some of its pages in the bookstore itself and pay close attention to the given amount of practice questions and practice tests. This is important, as the more you practice the ACT questions, your concept about them would become more lucid.
  • iResources: Prior to purchasing your prep book for ACT you must check its contents page. Check whether the book has detailed explanations of all five ACT sections, together with answer keys, test strategies, a CD ROM (containing video tutorials), test taking tips, tips for approaching a question and making a study routine. All these elements combine to make up a comprehensive ACT prep book.
  • Price: ACT test books by professional authors or publishing houses are marked at a very reasonable price to facilitate the financially restrained test takers. Compare the price of your desired prep book with others and then purchase it. Prep books belonging to less known authors or publishers costs unusually high.

Let us now discuss some of the best ACT test books available for your preparation:

ACT for Dummies:

This book offers you easy-to-follow instructions and tips to understand the test structure and composition. It provides:

  • Three practice tests,
  • Updated study resources,
  • Test taking schemes,
  • Time-management tips,
  • Answer keys, and
  • Comprehensive review of the five sections of ACT.

ACT for Dummies also offers strategies to increase your scores. It comes at a price of $11.73 and you can find out more about it at

Cracking the ACT, 2012 Edition:

All the past ACT test takers who have studied from this book have scored well in ACT. You are sure to excel in ACT if you follow Cracking the ACT prep book, published by the renowned prep course company, the Princeton Review. This book offers you in-depth explanations of all ACT sections, strategies to transform intricate math problems into simple sums, video tutorials and full-length practice tests. It is available both on paperback and kindle editions. Click on to find out more.

McGraw Hill's ACT, 2012 Edition:

McGraw Hill's ACT has been popular among those test takers who are seeking for exhaustive practice resources and thorough exercise questions for ACT sections. In this book, you receive sample exercises that strengthen your knowledge about ACT questions and also build up your confidence of taking the ACT test. McGraw Hill’s ACT also offers sufficient study resources and detailed answer-keys that help you in understanding the ACT questions. Click on to know more about this book.

Kaplan ACT 2012 Premier:

Kaplan ACT offers unique and all-inclusive means of preparing for ACT on your own. You are updated with all sorts of ACT information from this prep book as it covers all aspects of the test. It comes with a CD-ROM that offers you access to live online classes and chat-rooms, and provides seasoned test taking tips and strategies. Find out all about it on

You cannot afford to perform poorly in ACT as getting into colleges has become very difficult nowadays, especially due to the demands of high ACT test scores. Hence, selecting proper ACT test books is an integral step towards excelling in ACT. ACT test books offer you the edge you need to score high in the test as they offer you solid test prep strategies. You can crack ACT, only when you follow the guidelines provided in the ACT test books with whole-hearted dedication.

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