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The ACT Test Books you cannot Miss

You can prepare for ACT, which is a standardized college admission test, using various options, such as online programs, on-site courses, books/guides, video training and CDs. Books/guides serve as the best option for those who prefer easily portable, durable and a more convenient ACT preparation material that facilitates studying for the test at their own time and speed.

When you decide to prepare for the ACT using books, it is necessary to choose only a reliable and good ACT test book. There are many ACT books or guides available in printed version or e-version. Students who are comfortable to study for the ACT test using their computers can go for e-books or guides. Others who prefer ACT books of printed version can go ahead. It does not matter whether you use printed version or e-version of the ACT test book you choose for your ACT preparation. Your real success depends on what ACT prep books you use and how well you prepare for the test. Hence, making the right choice of ACT prep books is very important.

How to Choose the ACT Test Books?

Careful selection of ACT test books is required if you are willing to make an effective preparation for the test. In order to choose the best ACT test book, you must consider the following points:

  • Decide whether you want a simple book for learning the basics of the ACT test or a comprehensive book that provides extensive review for the test. Choose a book based on your decision.
  • Choose a book that is properly organized and easy to follow, as well as guides you well for the ACT test.
  • Some books may work well for certain people and not for others. That is, an ACT test book that worked well for your friend or relative might not necessarily work well for you. Hence, select a book that suits your need.

The Best ACT Prep Books that must be Considered

Though there are many ACT preparation books available in the market, there are a few books that are highly recommended. The books that you must not miss to consider while selecting an ACT test book for your ACT preparation are: ACT books/guides from the ACT test makers, McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, Princeton Review and Barrons. The reviews of the top 4 books that can be considered are as follows:

The Real ACT Prep Guide

The top priority that you must give when choosing an ACT test book is to the official ACT prep book The Real ACT Prep Guide that is offered by the ACT test makers. This book will be the best choice if you are looking for reviews for all the subject areas of the test along with effective practice tests and test-taking strategies. This book also provides lessons for the optional ACT Writing Test. You can get this book directly from the official website of ACT: This is a highly comprehensive ACT book that can definitely help you in making effective preparation and achieving the best possible score.

McGraw-Hill's ACT with CD-ROM, 2012 Edition

McGraw-Hill's ACT is well structured and easy to follow. This book comprises four paper-based practice tests, test-taking tips and strategies. The book includes a CD-ROM that helps you to prepare for the ACT through two interactive practice tests. This book is an excellent unofficial ACT book that can be considered to sharpen your skills and improve your confidence for taking the test effectively.

Kaplan's ACT Premier Program

Kaplan's ACT Premier Program is an unofficial ACT prep book that is easy to understand and interesting to read. The book covers all the sections of the ACT, as well as important tactics and practice tests for approaching the test effectively.

The Princeton Review's Cracking the ACT, 2012 Edition

The Princeton Review's Cracking the ACT, 2012 Edition is an excellent unofficial ACT test book that covers a complete and effective review for all the test sections in addition to practice tests, tips and strategies. This book excels in providing clear explanations for the answers to the questions given in sample tests.

The reviews of the ACT prep books and the tips given in this article should be helpful for you to choose the one that suits your need. Making your test preparation using many books will only confuse you and reduce your time availability for taking practice tests. Hence, it is recommended that you buy only one or two books for your ACT preparation rather than using many books.

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