ACT Test 2012

What Is the ACT 2012 Pattern

The ACT (American College Testing) is taken by candidates who want to study in colleges of the USA. It is used as a yardstick by colleges to identify the academic abilities of applicants. The ACT is more academically inclined than other similar examinations. Although the ACT began as an examination taken by residents of the USA and Canada, yet it is now taken by international students, who wish to study in colleges of the USA, as well. The ACT test has undergone a number of changes since its inception and its latest version is the ACT test 2012.

In an effort to make the ACT similar to the SAT, a new Writing test was introduced along with the other sections of the examination. However, the Writing test is optional, but if you want to prove your verbal and analytical skills to the admission authorities of colleges, then you should take this test. The ACT test 2012 consists of 4 sections that will test your knowledge of English, Mathematics, Science, and Reading. It also has a fifth and optional Writing test which you can take to prove your skill in the English language.To help with your preparation the various sections of the ACT test 2012 and the types of questions you will have to answer are discussed in the following section.

ACT Question Paper-Explained

Since the ACT is more academically inclined, the questions you will come across in this examination will be based on your high school knowledge of Science, Mathematics and English. The various sections and the question types of ACT test 2012 are given below:

  • English: In this section you will have to read the given passages and answer the questions based on the instructions provided. The questions will test your proficiency of English grammar. You will have to proof read the underlined sections of the passages and find punctuation errors, sentence structure errors or grammatical mistakes.
  • Mathematics: The Mathematics questions of the ACT test will assess your knowledge of high school level Algebra, Geometry, Co-ordinate geometry and Trigonometry. The questions will be multiple-choice type and there is no negative marking for a wrong answer. You will also be allowed to use a calculator to answer the questions. The Mathematics questions of ACT are usually more difficult than other similar examinations. So you will need to solve the questions before you can choose the correct answer.
  • Science: This section will require you to apply your knowledge of science. There are 3 main types of questions you will come across in this section. The first type of questions will require you to analyze research summaries of scientists. The second type or the data representation questions will require you to use both your science and mathematical skills in order to answer the questions. Finally, in the conflicting viewpoints questions you will have to understand and analyze passages representing outlook of different scientists on a common topic and then answer the questions.
  • Reading: In this section you will have to read 4 passages on fiction (prose), humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Since the topics are so varied you will have to analyze each passage with a clear mind in order to answer the questions. Like other sections of the ACT this section too comprises multiple choice type questions.
  • Writing: This section is optional and the latest addition to the ACT test. Here you will be given a topic on which you have to write a grammatically correct coherent essay. This section is checked by 2 raters and each will score your essay on a scale of 1 to 6. Thus, the minimum and maximum marks you can get for this section will be 2 and 12 respectively.

The ACT test 2012 like its predecessors will reflect the knowledge you have acquired in school. However, you should prepare well for this examination because it not only tests your knowledge but also your proficiency in being able to apply it correctly. If you want to know the test dates for ACT test 2012 then click on the following link:

If you need further details regarding ACT then you should check the official ACT website. Once you have gathered all the information that you need you should register for the examination and start preparing for the test. The fact that the ACT will test your school level knowledge should not make you negligent and you should practice hard if you want to fare well in the test.

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