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You cannot expect to do well in ACT in the absence of adequate ACT test help. There are various sources of ACT test help which will be able to provide you with crucial information for assistance in preparing for ACT. ACT test help is available in different forms. You can search the internet for ACT test help in the form of tips and strategies for doing well in ACT. You will also be able to download ACT test help in the form of practice tests and information on the ACT test format. Amongst all these forms of ACT test help, the most important is the one which will enlighten you about the conduct of ACT, calculation of ACT scores and ACT registration.

ACT Scores

ACT Test Scores from different test dates cannot be combined to create your best composite score and also you cannot choose to report only your Writing Scores or only the scores of an ACT sub test. All the scores of an ACT Test from a particular test date are included in your ACT Score Sheet. You receive your ACT score report after 5 to 6 weeks of taking the ACT Test. In case you had opted for the ACT Writing Test as well, then your ACT score sheet is mailed to you along with the Writing Test Scores. The scores of each sub test. of the ACT Test range from 1 to 36. Your ACT score sheet will also contain the ACT composite score. This is an average of the scores of all the four sub tests.

If you have taken the ACT with Writing, then in addition to the above mentioned scores, you will be given a Writing test sub-score as well. This score will range from 2 (minimum) to 12 (maximum). You will also get a combined English test and Writing test sub-score which ranges from 1 to 36. The individual sub scores of the ACT Test and the composite ACT Test score is not affected by the Writing Test scores.

ACT Test Registration

ACT Test is conducted in various Test Centers across the US on 6 national test dates. A number of high school and college offices offer assistance to students for ACT registration. You can register for the ACT Test online through the official web site of ACT, This web site contains detailed information on ACT Test including ACT Test center locations, ACT Test dates, deadline for registration and guidelines for ACT Test preparation. You can also gain access to free ACT practice tests and a free booklet on ACT Test preparation which has the details of the type of questions asked in the ACT Test and this booklet also has a detailed description of each sub test. of the ACT Test. You can refer to the web site for minor queries like the permission to use calculators for answering questions in the Math Test.

ACT Test Date

It is advisable to take your ACT Test for the first time when you are still in your junior year. This gives you adequate reaction time to plan a retest if your scores are not as high as expected in the first attempt. You can plan on a retest in your senior year if you want to improve your scores. However, it has been seen that without proper ACT Test study you may end up getting a lower score in the second attempt. Therefore, it is always better to put in dedicated effort and hard work to score high in the ACT Test in the first attempt itself. While selecting your test date in senior year, keep in mind that the ACT Test scores reach you and the college of your choice about 5 to 6 weeks after your test date. Do not plan on taking the ACT Test on such a test date that your ACT score sheet reaches you when it is too late for you to be considered for admission to the college of your choice.

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