ACT Study Guide

5 Essentials of a Good ACT Book

In order to get admission in a college in the USA, you need to take the ACT and obtain a good score. Many students prepare for the test by studying on their own, or under the guidance of a parent. Some of the most important prep materials that you will need are prep books. There are large numbers of ACT preparatory books for available in the market, but it is often difficult to know which is useful. You should choose a resource carefully as it can have a big impact on your scores.

Five Essentials of a Good ACT Book:

If you want to select the perfect study companion for yourself, ask yourself the following questions about the book:

1. Does the book cover all the topics that you need?

For most people, a single book is sufficient for complete preparation. As long as you get a book that covers all the topics, you may also be able to manage with just one comprehensive guide. If you are not happy with the material on one or more sections, you should supplement your basic guide with books that focus on those areas.

2. Does the book give explanations?

You need to have at least one comprehensive resource that explains concepts. Even if a book contains a large number of practice tests, but does not provide explanations of the answers, it is not good enough to be used as a single prep book.

3. Does the book contain sufficient practice tests?

Most prep books contain practice questions and a few practice tests, but these may not be enough for everyone. If you are one of those people who like to practice a lot before an exam, you may need to get a book especially for practice tests.

4. Is the language of the book easy to understand?

No matter how good the material in a book, you will not feel like using it unless you can follow the language easily. A book that explains concepts with a bit of humor, can add an element of fun to your prep.

5. Is the book free from errors?

Typing errors and other mistakes in the book, especially in the Mathematics section, can lead to confusion. It can also waste your time as you try to recognize and correct the errors.

Review of Books for ACT Preparation:

1. Kaplan ACT 2010 Premier with CD-ROM:

This is one of the best and most comprehensive study guides that are available. It covers all the topics and gives easy-to-follow explanations to the questions. It also offers useful test-taking tips and strategies that will make it easy for you to score in the test. This book includes six practice tests. The CD-ROM that accompanies the book contains video classes and practice questions. The size of the book is large and it is meant to be used for a through preparation for the test. The price of the book is $12.85.

2. Kaplan ACT Math and Science Workbook:

This book is a good supplementary option. It basically contains practice questions in Mathematics and Science. A review of the concepts is given, followed by practice questions, followed by the answers to those questions along with explanations. It costs $12.65.

3. Barron's ACT 36: Aiming for the Perfect Score:

This book is for those looking to get a high score in the ACT. The special feature of this book is its collection of test-taking strategies, which are not to be found in any other book. It also contains a review of concepts and practice questions. Its price is $10.26.