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Step 4

If you feel that you cannot afford the cost involved in enrolling for a prep course, it is perfectly fine to carry out your prep by studying on your own. Look on the internet for information on how to study for ACT. Internet is a good source for study guides that will give you information on how to study for this test. Local bookstores also keep a stock of study materials that will tell you how to prepare for ACT. You should definitely buy The Real ACT Prep Guide which is the official guide and it is available on It contains actual practice questions from previous ACT tests.

Step 5

After you have identified your weak areas that require attention, you should work out a plan that concentrates on how to prepare for ACT. This plan should be such that that you review the content from your weak subject areas as often as possible. If you are used to studying in a group then form study group with students from your locality who are appearing for the test at the same time as you are. You will be able to learn from each other by regular discussions on the content reviewed. Also, you stand to gain a lot from each other's mistakes and experiences.

However, if you are not comfortable studying in a group, then you can work out a detailed plan of studying for ACT on your own. Put aside a couple of hours daily for your study routine. The ACT tests your subject specific fundamentals of the high school level. If you have been regular with your high school studies, reviewing the same content again will not be a problem. Make sure that you pay adequate emphasis on the weak areas that you have identified by your initial diagnostic practice test.

There are various web sites like,, and which offer online prep courses and a lot of guidance on various tips and tricks which you can utilize to score high. A number of study guides available in bookstores acquaint you with various strategies for reviewing content that you may not have seen for quite sometime. You may have a problem in retaining certain math formulae and grammar rules. The thumb rule for mastering the art of recalling specific rules and formulae on the day of the actual ACT is lots of practice. The more you practice, the more familiar you will be with the subject specific fundamentals which are assessed through the test. The questions asked in the ACT are direct questions from, English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. So, taking as many practice tests as possible will definitely help you in the long run. After you feel that you have worked enough on your weak areas, you can take a practice test and gauge the improvements that you have made. Follow it up by chalking out a plan of studying for ACT in such a way that you further refine your academic skills in the subject areas where they’re still lacking.

Step 6

Take the ACT test. Don’t be disheartened if you have not been able to score high. Take a retest if you want to improve your score. You may even enroll for a remedial course if required. If you find that your method of study on your own has not been able to help you achieve your aim, a carefully selected good ACT prep course will be able to do the needful and help you take the first step towards achieving your career goal by getting admission into a college of your choice.

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