ACT Standardized Test:

The ACT was introduced in 1959. Slowly and gradually the number of students appearing for this test kept on increasing. Generally a score of 36 is considered to be the highest score in this test. When appearing for this examination, you will be tested in English, math, science and reading. You'll observe that the total number of questions that you will come across in this test is 215. Due to its increasing popularity, the test is now administered in nearly 50 states.
If you desire to take admission in four year college/university course, then you will have to submit your ACT test score. You can take the this test outside America as well. It is a four hour long test excluding the English test. The actual test time is two hours and 55 minutes, but when the administration instructions and breaks are included it ends up being a four hour test.
The  test is usually conducted in the months of February, April, June, October and December. In a few states the test is also conducted in September. As the ACT test is universally recognized and is curriculum based test, the questions that are included in this test are not to check your aptitude or IQ. They are put to judge what all you have learnt in English, math and science in high school.
You can appear for the ACT test as many times as you want. You can sit for this test once as a junior and then as a senior. By taking the ACT test more than once, you might be able to improve your scores and in some cases the opposite might happen i.e., there is a possibility that your score might be decreased by reappearing for the test.
The enrollment fee for this test can be different for different states, but the basic registration fee for ACT  test is $30. If you want to appear for English test then you will have to pay an extra fee of $ 44.50.

Facilities that ACT Provides for Students with Disabilities:

The ACT provides disabled students with proper accommodation facilities.  Accommodation is only allotted when the disabled student will present all the required documents to the authorities and also request for the accommodation.
All the information that the ACT authorities will receive about the disabilities will be treated as confidential and the purpose for asking about the type of disability is to check if the candidate is eligible for the accommodation facility. The details of the accommodation will not be shared with anyone else except for the authorities.
If the student wants 50 % more time to finish the test due to his disability, the concerned authorities can give him 5 hours and 45 minutes. The student should try to keep a pace so that he is able to complete the test within the time limit given to him by the authorities. The testing authorities allow the disabled student to change his test date and he can also re register after he has been permitted to do so.
The request for the accommodation should be posted at least a month in advance so that the authorities get time to take action and make proper arrangement. If the student's request for extended time gets recommended then the  authorities will notify it on his admission card and will be allotted with an extended time limit. If the request is not approved by the authorities then also he or she will be informed and will be given a room with standard time limits.
If some extra information is needed then the authorities can either contact the high school or the student.

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