Importance of ACT Scoring:

A good ACT scoring opens more opportunities for you to gain admission into a good college. These days colleges pay much more attention towards your ACT scoring than ever before. Today more and more colleges are emphasizing on good ACT scoring.
For competing for college admission your ACT scoring plays a very important role. By taking into consideration your ACT scoring, the college admission authorities are able to rank you and then give admission accordingly. This means that a higher ACT scoring is generally preferred while giving admission to the student.
Earlier the colleges used to award scholarships to only athletic admissions or to those who were in need of a financial help. Now, there has been observed a tremendous change in trend and monetary scholarships are also being offered to students with higher ACT scoring.
Not only do the college authorities pay importance to ACT scoring, but some employers also demand that you should have a considerably high ACT scoring if you want to apply for a job, as it is considered to be a window of external reality. As the colleges usually offer limited seats every year, so if you don't want to let go of the chance of getting the admission, it is important that you score a good ACT scoring.

How can I View the Scoring of the ACT

You can view the scoring of the ACT, but for that you will have to register yourself for the student web account. If you have a web account, you will be able to register online for the ACT scoring and operate a larger variety of ACT services which include in them the scoring of the ACT as well.
You can open your web account if you want to view your scoring of the ACT once you have appeared for the ACT test. If you are unable to view the scoring of the ACT test on the first date, then you can check back the scoring of the ACT a week later. The scoring of the ACT are generally processed and included on every Wednesday and Friday. Usually the scoring of the ACT can be viewed after 8 weeks of the test date.
You can order the scoring of the ACT through post. Because of security reasons, your ACT scoring details will not be released on telephone, email or fax. Once you have viewed your scoring of the ACT test on your web account, it might take at least one week for the scoring of the ACT test report to be processed and delivered. Your scoring of the ACT will be delivered to only those colleges and agencies which have been selected by you.

Reasons for Delay in Reporting of ACT Test Scoring:

There are several reasons because of which the reporting of your ACT test scoring may be delayed. If the answer sheets from the test center in which you appeared for the test arrives late then the reporting of ACT test scoring can be delayed.
Sometimes, the information that you have given on the answer sheet at the time of testing may not match with the information specified on your admission ticket. In such a case your ACT test scoring will not be reported until all the information (name, date of birth etc) given on the answer sheet and admission ticket match with each other. This is the common cause of delay in reporting of ACT test scoring as normally 8 to 10 % of the candidates provide incorrect details.
The delay in reporting of ACT test scoring can be caused if information that you provide in the ACT test form or answer sheet is incomplete or incorrect. So in order to get the ACT test scoring report in time you must provide accurate and complete information and thus avoid delays.
Sometimes your ACT test scoring report can get delayed if some amount of your registration fee is pending or because you didn't report on proper time at the test center that was allotted to you. Your ACT test scoring report can also get delayed if your registration folder as well as the answer sheet have not been matched and processed by the computer.

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