How do High Schools and Colleges Use ACT Scoring Scale:

Both the high schools and colleges make use of the ACT scoring range. The high schools use the range of scores for offering academic advice and carrier counseling. The high schools also make use of the range of ACT scores for differentiating the students and focusing more attention on students who need extra help in certain areas. The scoring range also guides the high school authorities to plan the changes and development in the syllabus if desired. The college authorities make use of this scoring range in order to take decisions regarding admission. Its only after the college authorities have a look at the range of scores,  that they are able to decide whether you are suited for a particular course or not. Therefore, before the college authorities place you for a particular course they will take into consideration your range of ACT scores along with your strengths and weaknesses.
Before tailoring out a suitable study program for you, the college academic advisors will also take into consideration scores in the ACT. There are a few scholarship and loan agencies which will make use of this scoring range along with other details to select the appropriate candidate.
The range of scores is the mirror of your academic needs, extracurricular achievements and academic plans. The scoring range of ACT test allows the agencies to evaluate the candidates for scholarship and other financial aid.

Information about Scoring of ACT Writing:

Once you take the writing test, you will then get the writing scores in two forms- writing sub score and combined English/writing score. To receive yourwriting scores, you will have to appear for both the writing as well as English test along with comments on your essay.
The scoring of writing sections doesn't overshadow the subject scoring. While giving the  writing scores, the examiner will see to it that your essay is focused on the main topic, you have used logical reasoning and supported your ideas. It is important to organize ideas that you want to portray in a logical manner. The examiner will also see to it that the language that you have used is clear and effective and portrays your ideas in a clear manner.
The scores will be given by two trained readers. Combining the two-third scores of English section with one-third score of the writing test will give you the combined writing scores / English test. Once you take the writing test, your writing scores will be reported as quickly as they are ready. Generally, your scores wont be reported until and unless your writing score has been added. Along with other scores, the college and other agencies in which you have applied might also ask for the scores ofwriting test.

You should not ignore the importance of good scores in ACT  and so should get some coaching which will help you get good scores in this test. ACT scores act as a window of your knowledge of the skills that you have learnt in school and how logically you can put those skills into use in the college courses.

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