ACT Scores on the Internet

How to Receive ACT Scores Online

Taking the ACT

This is an examination that will determine whether or not the candidates are in the position to carry out college level tasks. There are skill areas that the ACT will measure and these are Science, Mathematics, Reading and English. There is an optional Writing section that will examine whether the candidate can plan and write a good essay. The main purpose of this test is that it will determine how ready a person is for studying in a college. Once you are done with the test, you can check your ACT scores on the internet  by simply logging on to the official website of the examination.

How to Get ACT Scores Online

  • To obtain the online ACT scores, all you need to do is log into your student web account from the official website ( of the test. Before you take the examination, it is essential you create an account with it first, as you can easily register for this test online through your account. Not only can you just enrol for the exam and view your scores through this account but you can also make changes to your registration, if the need arises.

  • You can find out about your scores by simply looking for the same online on the first date that is listed for the date on which you have taken the test. Do keep in mind that just because you can see your ACT scores on the internet does not automatically mean that this will expedite the reporting process. Generally, the scores are reported eight weeks after the date of the examination.

  • In case you have opted for the Writing test, you will be able to view the score for the same online generally two weeks after getting your multiple-choice scores. It is important for you to know that your scores will not be reported officially unless the score of the Writing test has been included.

Can't See Your Scores Online?

Generally, the multiple-choice scores from national as well as international testing are posted online in 2.5 weeks after the actual date of the test. You need to refer to the schedule to check the scores and also check for updates in case you do not see the ACT scores on the website, on the first date mentioned.

Instances When Scores Might Take Longer

There are times when the online ACT scores  may take more time to be uploaded to the website and these are on the following occasions:

  • If the answer sheets arrived late from the test center.
  • If your exam date was rescheduled.
  • The information in your answer document does not match the same in the admit card.
  • In case you took the test as a standby. In such a case, it is important for you to realize that the scores will not be reported unless the Registration Folder/Standby Request Form is given to the test center. The answer document also has to be processed and matched with your admit card.
  • You submitted incorrect or wrong information in the answer document or the same has not cleared the scoring accuracy checks.

Do Remember...

It is important for you to find out how scoring works in this examination so that you will have a good idea about it when you check the scores of the ACT on the internet.  There is no negative marking for answering the questions incorrectly. Your scores will consist of Raw Scores and Scaled Scores. The Raw Scores will be determined by the number of questions that you answer correctly. These scores will then be converted to scaled scores from 1 to 36. Each of the sections will be scored separately and then a Composite Score will be determined by taking the average of all the four scores. The scores of the multiple-choice sections will always be available first before the writing score. The Writing section score will be uploaded about two weeks after the scores of the multiple-choice sections.