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Students who take the ACT are provided with three ACT Score Reports; the Student Report, the High School Report and the College Report.

The Student Report is mailed to you after about a month from the date you took the ACT test. This ACT Score report contains all information about ACT scores i.e. the composite ACT Score, the ACT Score of each test and the associated sub scores. In addition to the information about ACT scores, this ACT Score Report also contains information on your college and career planning. Most of this information would have been provided by you at the time of registering for the ACT test.

The High School Report is prepared only if you have asked for it. This report is kept with your school records and it contains details about ACT scores, interests, educational plans and career planning. The High School Report will also contain information pertaining to your High School course and grades.

The College Report is dispatched to colleges which have been named by you. You would have given details of the colleges of your choice at the time of registration. If you would like to send your College Report to more than four colleges, then you can do so after paying an additional fee. The College Report reaches the colleges of your choice in about a month from the time you took the ACT test. This report contains all the information present in the Student Report and the High School Report. This report will contain all the information that the college admission committee needs to know about a candidate who has applied for admission.

If you have taken the Writing test, then your ACT Score reports are prepared after your Writing scores are available. An image of the essay that you had written in the Writing Test will also be available to your high school and the colleges chosen by you. All information about ACT scores earned by you can be viewed on the internet. However, information about ACT scores of the Writing Test is available only after a couple of weeks from your test date. Scoring of the Writing Test takes a little more time than that for the multiple choice tests. The moment the Writing Test scores are available they are also added to the web site www.actstudent.org where you can view them.

You cannot average the ACT Scores from different test dates. The ACT Scores from a single test date selected by you will be forwarded. ACT releases ACT Score Reports from the test date that you have selected. If the ACT Scores of a retest are lower than the ACT Scores of the first attempt, then you can request for ACT Score reports of the earlier ACT test to be forwarded to the college of your choice.

Utility of ACT Score Report for High Schools and Colleges

High Schools utilize the High School Reports of its students to evaluate the standard of instructions being imparted at the school. High School Reports of students who’re still attending High School assist their teachers in determining the subject areas in which the students need extra guidance. High School Reports collected over a period of time can help the High School authorities in determining whether the syllabi of the High School courses need to be enhanced or amended

The College Report is very useful to the colleges in determining the capability of an applicant to do well in his college studies. The College Report provides the college admission committees with detailed information on the applicant’s skills in specific subject areas. The college admission committee can then decide the most suitable college program for him, if at all they find him qualified enough to be taken into their college.

Certain scholarship programs require your ACT Score reports to ascertain your credentials before accepting you for an educational loan or for a scholarship. Information about ACT scores earned by you may not be the only criterion that the scholarship agencies will consider. They would also like to have a look at information pertaining to your high school grades, your extracurricular activities and your higher education plans before finalizing your suitability for grant of financial aid or scholarships.


For more information about ACT scores and to ask any question that you may have regarding ACT scores you can log on to ACT’s web site, www.actstudent.org. This is the official web site of the company that administers the ACT test. You will find exhaustive information about ACT scores including details of the ACT Score Reports. You can also view sample ACT Score Reports on this web site These sample ACT Score Reports will guide you in gathering the information that you ought to provide while registering for the ACT test.

The pre requisites for admission may vary from college to college. Some colleges want your ACT Score reports along with your application for admission while others accept your applications after the ACT Score Reports have reached them. It is advisable to find out the admission procedures for each college by directly interacting with them before registering for the ACT test.

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