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Getting high ACT Scores is the aim of all high school students who take the ACT (American College Testing Assessment). The ACT test is conducted six times annually in national as well as international ACT test centers. The ACT is a standardized paper and pencil test that consists of sub tests in the subject areas of English, Math, Reading and Science. All the tests consist of multiple choice questions. You have the option of taking the ACT Plus Writing test which includes a Writing test in addition to the four sub tests. You will be required to write an essay in the Writing Test.

Thousands of high school students apply for admissions to college programs every year. The college admission committees have to deal with applications from students coming from varying backgrounds. Their ACT Scores provide the college admission committee with a common yardstick for comparing the skills and intellect of the students irrespective of their academic backgrounds. The ACT Score report contains personal details of the students including their career plans and high school grades. This information is present in addition to the composite ACT Score and the ACT Scores of the sub tests. Each test score reflects the student’s skills in the subject area which has been tested by the sub test.

ACT Scores

The ACT Scores are available online within 15 to 20 days from the date you took the test. However, the ACT Score report reaches you by mail after about a month from your ACT test date. The composite ACT Score and the test (English, Math, Science and Reading) scores range from 1 to 36. The composite ACT Score is the average of the ACT scores achieved in the 4 sub-tests. The sub scores of each test range from 1 to 18. The sub scores of a particular test will not add up to the test score as there is no arithmetic connection between the two of them. The sub scores indicate your proficiency in a related field of the subject area which is being tested.

There are two sub scores for the English test. One sub score is for the questions that assess your knowledge on the usage and mechanics of the English language. The second sub score is for the questions that test your rhetorical skills. There are two sub scores for the Reading test. One sub score is for the questions that test your Social Studies and Sciences reading skills. The second sub score is for the questions designed to evaluate your Arts and Literature reading skills. Three sub scores are reported for the Math test. There are two sub scores for the questions on Algebra and Coordinate Geometry. The third sub score is based on the questions that test your knowledge of Plane Geometry and Trigonometry. There are no sub scores for the Science test. Only the Science test score is reported, which is based on all the questions asked in the Science test. If you have taken the ACT Plus Writing test then two additional scores will be reported i.e. the Writing test sub score and a combined English and Writing test score. The composite ACT Score which is an average of the Math, English, Reading and Science tests is not affected by the Writing Test scores. However, you cannot choose to report your Writing scores separately. All your ACT Scores from the multiple choice tests and those from the Writing Test are reported together.

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