ACT Schedule

Students in US and US territories can set your schedule for ACT in two ways, online and by admission packets. These admission packets are available with most of the schools or college authorities, otherwise you can request for registration packets online. But for international students, only web option is available. Students with some disability, who are asking for special testing facilities, have to apply on paper only through registration packets. In order to arrange a schedule online,  you have to make a free web account on the official web site for ACT at: This web account gives you access to all the details about the test. You get all the information about the testing dates and testing centers available. Apart from arranging an online itinerary, this web account helps you to view your scores after the exam as your test score reports take some time to reach you.

You can setup a web account by providing your personal information and email address. Once the web account is set, you can set a test schedule for ACT by clicking on "register now" button. The concerned web page will guide you to plan for your test. You have to select your test option, test location and test date. At the time of online registration, you will be able to know about the availability of seat at your choice of test center. If the test center of your choice is not available then you are given another test center which is near to your place. While arranging a schedule for the test, you have to give the names of colleges where you want to send your scores. You get your admission ticket immediately after the online registration for the exam.

Once you have your web account, you can always alter your itinerary for ACT. You can change your testing date, testing center after logging on to your account. You do not have to pay extra if you are rescheduling the test before the deadline of ACT registration. You can order preparation materials for test on line.

Fees for ACT

Fees for the regular ACT schedule is US $30. This fees includes charges for your score reports. It also includes charges for sending your score report to four colleges of your choice. If you miss the deadline, then you may arrange another schedule for ACT after paying a late fee of $19. If you want to give the writing test along with ACT then you have to pay an additional amount of $14.50. If you want to change your test date or test center after the deadline of ACT, then you have to pay an extra amount of $20.50. If you are arranging the test online then you have to pay by credit card. But if you set a test schedule for ACT through registration packets, then you can pay fees by check or money orders. More details about the test and fees, is available on the web site

Changes in your test schedule can be done by logging into your web account. You have to provide your admission ticket number, your scheduled test date and test center, credit card number. You can also make changes by calling ACT at 319/337-1270. Your test center and test date change is only possible if the space is available at that center on that particular test date otherwise ACT assigns you a center near to your original choice.

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