ACT Review Course

ACT is a very important test for those candidates who want to get admissions in colleges. A good score  in the examination is a necessary and important criterion which most of the colleges consider. It is a test of the subjects which you have learnt in your high school. So the test content is not unfamiliar as most test-takers are attending either junior or senior year at high school. It is necessary to understand the test format before starting your ACT preparation. Work out a methodical plan for your entire preparatory period. Carry out your preparation with the help of various resources like study guides, coaching classes, online training courses etc. All of them are equally good. It is you who has to decide which type of course suits you. Many students want to go for a full fledged study course. But there are some who want to study on their own which is not a bad idea if they have confidence. But still students do need extra guidance and extra tips to score good marks in the test.

Practice tests and courses that give extra importance to revising the entire syllabus, will provide an extra edge to your studies by providing you a systematic plan to revise the contents. Such courses brush up your basics and improve your English, reading and analytical skills. There are various forms of training courses available like class room based review courses, online classes, weekend classes or private tutoring. Some high schools also arrange special ACT review classes for their students. Whatever mode you choose, it is necessary to be clear about the test pattern. The entire examination comprises  multiple choice questions. It is divided into four sections namely English, Mathematics, reading skills, and science. English test is of 45 minutes in which you have to solve 75 questions. Mathematics section is of 60 minutes and you have to solve 60 problems. Reading and science sections are of 35 minutes each and consist of 40 questions each. There is one writing test where you have to write an essay in 30 minutes but that test is optional. When you start preparing for the test, you should keep this pattern and time limits in mind. You should keep enough time for the revision during practice session. Review courses help you in planning your study schedule keeping these things in mind. ACT training sessions give you an extensive and in depth review of all the topics related to the test which include math concepts, grammar, sentence completion, Reading comprehension, science etc. These courses provide you experienced instructors who guide you in the process of improving your weaknesses. You get enough practice sessions and sample tests in the review courses. It makes you learn test taking techniques which improves your scores in the examination. There is an online review course is provided by ACT itself and you can purchase it by clicking on the following link: You have to create a web account and then follow the guidelines to purchase the review course. You can make the payment by credit card.

Study Courses

Students who want to go for a thorough study can also join study courses which provide the full revision of all the sections of ACT. There are many institutes which offer ACT study courses in person. There are variations of study courses available on the web. But before joining any study courses, you should check the credibility of the course providers. A study course is likely to help you in your preparations, as you get expert guidance and it gives your studies a discipline and planning. You also get a definite direction. It also takes care of mistakes when your instructors help you to identify them and help you rectify. You can discuss your problems with the instructors. These study courses also give you various strategies to solve problems in less time.

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