Details About ACT Results

What Are ACT Results and What Do They Contain?

Introduction of ACT Results

American College Testing (ACT) is a standardized test for admission to colleges and thus the scores / results of the examination is of significant importance both to the students and to the colleges. The fact that this is a standardized test and its scores are widely accepted makes this test hugely popular among masses. ACT scores are used by students, high schools, colleges and universities for different purposes. The most important attribute of the results is that they project the local data like grades and class rank on a national perspective.

Importance of ACT Results

1. For Students

ACT scores are used as a yardstick for measuring the readiness of students for college and career, for self improvement of students in academic area and for formulation of various course curriculums. The scores you receive highlight the academic area where an individual may need improvement. Detailed scores of a particular student in addition to his interest area, gives a fair clue as to how he/she should plan his/her career. Equipped with the database of students' performance, the schools can further guide students accordingly. Through the scores, high schools also identify students who need guidance and assistance with academic subjects. This examination is conducted 6 times in a year enabling students to appear for the exam on more than one occasion and thus improve upon their previous scores. The test taker can request ACT to release the scores to a desired college for a particular test date. This way the best score is sent to the college for consideration of the admission of a student. A student can take the test for a maximum of 12 times in a lifetime. However in some exceptional cases, a test taker may be allowed to appear for the test more than 12 times. ACT has the sole discretion to decide on this matter.

2. For High Schools

Not only do the students benefit from good scores in the test , but high schools also use these scores to guide the students towards career planning and towards college selection. The test results of the students of a particular school aid its management in judging the effectiveness of the present curriculum. It also triggers essential changes in the curriculum and the study module of the institution.

3. For Colleges

All colleges and universities utilize the results to inform the students on the admission decisions. Colleges need the scores in order to facilitate their students' plan study programs appropriate to their needs. The college counselors can use the scores to formulate their counseling sessions customised for different students. The scholarship companies use these scores to correctly identify and shortlist candidates for awarding of scholarships.

Contents of ACT Results

The ACT student report consists of the following:

1. Student's Basic Information

The top section consists of basic information like name of the student, name of his/her high school,his/her ACT id, the test date and the test location from where he/she appeared in the test.

2. Student's ACT Scores

This section contains the composite score, which is the average of the scores achieved in the four sections of the test. It also contains rank, which is the approximate percentage of recent high school graduates who appeared in the examination and gained a composite score same or lower than the individual student's composite score. Detailed sectional scores as sub-scores are also mentioned in the student report. Sub scores range between 1 and 36, both inclusive. Test scores are converted to sub-scores by ACT.

3. Writing Results

The third section of the score card contains writing results for those test takers who took the Writing test. As the Writing test is optional, not all the test takers take this test.

4. Student's College Report

This section contains details of the first four choices of the colleges that the student had filled during registration. ACT compares the student's composite score to the cut off score of the concerned college.

The test results can also be cancelled by the authorities for students who falsify their identity, indulge in surrogate appearance at exam or any other such malpractices. This information about the examination results will definitely help a test taker in understanding his/her scores in a better way.