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Arranged Testing for ACT Exam

Students who are homebound, confined to a hospital or confined to a correctional institution on all ACT exam dates can request for arranged testing. This facility can also be availed by those students who cannot take the ACT exam on a Saturday due to their religious beliefs or if there is no national ACT exam center within a 50 mile radius of their location. If you are an international student with no ACT exam center in your country, then also you can opt for arranged testing. You can search for non Saturday national test centers and test dates from the official web site of ACT.

You can download the Request for Arranged Testing from Complete and submit the form without the ACT registration packet. All details concerning the request form are mentioned in the downloaded document.

Registration Fees for ACT Exam

The basic registration fee for the ACT exam without the ACT Writing Test is $30.00 and that for the ACT Plus Writing Test is $44.50. This additional $14.50 can be refunded if you do not take the Writing test due to any reason or if you opt out of the Writing test before the test date. All other fees are non refundable unless specifically mentioned either on the official web site or on the ACT registration form. The registration fee for international testing is $52.00 without the ACT Writing test and $66.50 with the ACT Writing test.

In addition to the basic registration fees mentioned above, you may have to deposit additional fees according to your requirements. Some situations in which you may have to pay additional fees are mentioned in the succeeding paragraphs.

When you register for the ACT exam, you have to submit names of 4 colleges that you would like your ACT score report to be sent to. The fee charged for sending the ACT score reports to these four colleges is included in the basic registration fees. You will have to deposit a fee of $8.50 each for the fifth and sixth college name in addition to the basic registration fees.

You will have to submit additional registration fee amounting to $19.00 if you register or change a test date during the late period for a national test date. If you wish to change the ACT exam center for the same test date then you will have to add $20.50 to the basic registration fees. Therefore, as brought out earlier, you should weigh all pros and cons before deciding your ACT exam dates and ACT exam center because you will have to pay an extra fee in case you want to change these at a later stage.

If you feel that you may not be able to afford the cost of registering for the ACT exam, then you can check to see if you are eligible for a registration fee waiver. You can check the ACT’s official web site for the eligibility criteria for a fee waiver. The fee waiver applies to the basic registration fees only and not any of the other additional fees such as the fee for test date change and late fees. The ACT does not deal with the fee waiver process directly. The request for a fee waiver has to go through your high school office.

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