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The ACT (American College Testing Assessment) Test is the most widely accepted test for college admissions across the US. The ACT score report provides the college admission committees with details of your high school reports and your career plans along with your ACT scores. This information plays a vital role in your selection for admission to the college of your choice.

The ACT test is conducted at various ACT test centers across the world on national and international test dates. You can locate an ACT test center near your locality by logging on to ACT’s official web site, You can create your own student account in this web site for online ACT Registration. You can also use this web site for checking ACT Registration deadlines and ACT national and international test dates.

Most students take the ACT test during the course of their junior year at high school. Choosing a suitable ACT test date is a very important aspect of ACT Registration. You should select a test date which gives you ample time to prepare for a retest, in case you have to take one in order to improve your ACT scores. After you have chalked out a career plan for yourself you should prepare a list of colleges that will help you realize your career dreams. When you are registering for ACT, you will need to refer to the list of colleges and suitable test dates. Hence, make sure that this list is available with you during the process of your ACT registration.

Online ACT Registration

The facility of online ACT Registration is available on The online ACT Registration process is much faster and easier than registering by the ACT Registration packet. One major advantage of utilizing the online ACT Registration facility is that the test center availability on your desired test date can be immediately confirmed. This is because ACT test centers in most locations are not necessarily available on all ACT test dates. You can also immediately get a print out of your admission ticket while carrying out online ACT Registration.

If you are taking the ACT test at a national center then you can either register for the ACT test online or you can register manually using the ACT Registration packets. However, all students who plan to take the ACT test internationally, i.e. outside the United States, U.S. territories, Puerto Rico or Canada will have to compulsorily opt for online ACT Registration and pay the ACT Registration fees by a credit card. There are international ACT test centers available in a number of countries but all of them may not be scheduled for every international test date. You can use the official web site to locate an ACT test center in your country and also check its availability on the desired test date. You can exercise the option of arranged ACT testing in case there are no ACT test centers in your country.

ACT Registration Packet

Students taking the ACT test in national test centers can register for the ACT by using ACT Registration packets. Students who are requesting disability accommodations for the first time and students who are less than 13 years of age will also have to register for the ACT using the ACT Registration packets which are readily available in most high school offices.

If you have a disability which has been professionally diagnosed and authenticated, then the ACT will provide you with accommodation while taking the ACT test. For availing this facility you will have to submit relevant documents along with your ACT Registration packet. For more details on the type of accommodation that you can request for and the ACT’s policies on documented disabilities, you can log on to the web site,

Parents who feel that their children are more intelligent and talented than the others in their grade would like them to take the ACT at a much earlier age than the others. A number of academic talent search programs require young students taking their program to register for the ACT test along with registering for their talent search program. Students who are less than 13 years of age cannot use the online ACT registration process to register for the ACT. They will have to procure the ACT Registration packet from their high school offices to register for the ACT. You can request for an ACT Registration packet from as well.

If you are not in a position to pay the ACT Registration fees by a credit card, then you will have to register for the ACT test by the ACT Registration packet because you can then pay the ACT Registration fees by either check or money order.

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