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Reading Test

The Reading test evaluates your reading comprehension skills by giving you 35 minutes to answer 45 questions designed specifically for this purpose. You will be presented with four paragraphs followed by a set of multiple choice questions based on the text of the paragraphs. The questions asked may require you to analyze the text before attempting to answer the questions. You will be required to interpret the statements made in the text of the passage by using your reasoning skills.

Out of the total 40 questions in the Reading test, 20 questions will be based on Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and the remaining 20 questions will be based on Prose fiction and Humanities i.e. Arts and Literature. There will be three scores from the Reading test in your score report. There will be one overall score, which will be based on all 40 questions and two sub scores, one for the questions designed to test your Social Studies and Sciences reading skills and the other for the questions based on testing your Arts and Literature reading skills will also be reported. It is important that you solve practice questions based on the reading test format in order to develop the skills being tested by this section. Make sure that the sample questions are of the same difficulty level as that of the ones that will have to be answered in the actual examination.

Science Test

The Science Test consists of 40 questions that have to be answered in 35 minutes. The questions of the Science test evaluate your analytical reasoning and problem solving skills in the subject area of Natural Sciences. You will be presented seven sets of scientific information which can be in the form of graphs, tables, research summaries and alternative viewpoints. In order to answer the questions asked, you will have to understand the concepts that have been stated and critically analyze the relationship between the facts stated and the conclusion drawn in the research summaries. Therefore, it is necessary that the sample questions that you solve should assess your ability to recall the fundamentals of science subjects. Look for questions that are based on the actual test format. Sample questions that are of a lower difficulty level as compared to the actual ones will give you a false sense of being well-prepared for the examination.

The questions asked in the Science test are based on the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and the Earth Science subject areas. As has been stated before, the content tested is of the high school level only, so you just have to review the basics of high school science subjects in order to do well in the Science test. You are not permitted to use the calculator in the Science test. There is only one score for the Science test which is calculated by evaluating all 40 questions asked in the Science test.

Writing Test

The scores of the ACT Writing test are required by some colleges only. The Writing test requires you to write an essay in 30 minutes. You will be presented with a statement with two supporting viewpoints. You will then be required to write an essay and you can choose to support any one of the given perspectives. You can also take the liberty of choosing your own point of view and elaborating it further through your essay. The Writing test is a test of your writing skills that you would have developed while carrying out your high school studies.

After taking the Writing test you get two additional scores; a combined English and Writing test score and a writing sub score. The Writing test scores do not affect your combined ACT Score which is an average of the Math, English, Reading and Science tests.


Irrespective of the type of questions and the content tested by them, always remember that ACT is a test of your knowledge of the academics of high school level. Therefore, you should not put in extra effort to learn something which has not been covered in your high school studies. A detailed review of content taught at high school and lots of practice will ensure a high score in the examination, which will assist you in getting admission to a college of your choice.

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