ACT Preparation Course

Preparatory courses for the ACT test are custom tailored study methods. The basic difference between these courses and self study method is presence of an expert who can guide you. There are many types of courses available in the market like classroom based preparation courses, online courses. There are many web sites and institutes which are offering these courses and claim that they are the best. So it is always good to find out the credentials of the web sites and these institutes from the students who have already taken these courses. You should also try to attend the seminars offered by these institutes. You should also compare the prices and course contents offered by different reputed web sites and institutes. The course should be effective study wise as well as cost wise.
Before joining a course, you should take a diagnostic test to identify your present skills, your strong areas, your weak areas, time taken to complete the test etc. There are many sites which provide free diagnostic tests which you can download.

Advantages of ACT Preparation Courses

A preparatory course has a few fundamental advantages. One, these courses have fixed schedule. These courses impose a rigorous discipline to your studies and you have to follow it. Second is the interactive nature of these courses. You have an expert tutor who adds value to your studies. You get immediate attention to your problems. You get fellow students in these courses. It develops a sense of motivation and competition. Your mistakes are immediately pointed out and you get expert guidance to rectify them. The pattern of the test, test taking strategies and typical questions are discussed in the courses. Students' progress is monitored individually during the practice tests. Experts provide tips and guidance to improve scores. Students are provided with many practice tests and then review sessions after the practice tests. Another advantage of these courses is that they also provide good study materials.

While taking these courses, you should also make an effort to take maximum benefits from the course. You should interact with the faculty to ask your queries and doubts. These courses also give home assignments so you should try to complete them and discuss them with the teachers. Usually all of these courses give a lot of practice tests and explanations to all the wrong and right answers.
There are various web sites which offer online courses. These web sites are, The official web site of ACT also provides online preparation course. This course itself speaks about its credibility as it comes from ACT itself and it includes problems from the previous tests. You can purchase these courses after logging onto the respective sites.
The preparatory courses are not a miracle recipe to get a good score in ACT. You have to work hard to score good marks. Systematic preparation and practice can help you to achieve your goal. The preparatory courses provide additional confidence and reduce test related anxiety.

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