ACT Prep Test

Options for ACT Prep Test

The ACT test is a standardized mechanism of career planning based on a curriculum that measures the college readiness of the students. ACT encourages the students to move ahead with their college admissions by scoring well in these tests. The scores of this test are based on the knowledge and the competencies of the test takers that they have acquired throughout their high school curriculum. The skills and accomplishments of the candidates help the colleges and universities to gauge the abilities of the students for matters related to recruitment and retention. On the other hand, the career planning tools of ACT help students to make better and more relevant choices as far as their career is concerned.

Test Sections for ACT

The ACT contains the following sections:

  • English: This section contains 75 multiple-choice questions that are related to usage of English.

  • Mathematics: In this section, the students have to answer 60 multiple-choice questions on algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

  • Reading: There are 40 multiple-choice questions in this section that are related to reading passages or comprehension.

  • Science: In this section, there are 40 multiple-choice questions based on natural sciences.

  • Optional Writing Test: This section requires the students to write an essay within 30 minutes. This is an optional section and the students can choose to write the essay according to the requirements of the colleges in which they have applied or intend to apply

Preparation for ACT

The preparation for ACT should be based on the strengths and weaknesses of the test takers. However, ACT prep test is one of the preferred mediums for achieving good scores in this examination. By taking an ACT prep test, a test taker would be in a better position to know the ways in which he/she should approach the questions. Although, there is no negative marking for wrong answers in ACT, the scores are based on the number of questions that the students can answer correctly. The prep tests also help the test takers to overcome the anxiety and fear that is experienced by most of them taking a competitive test like ACT.

Options for ACT Prep Test

The following prep options focus on ACT test preparations:

  • The Real ACT Prep Guide is designed by the test makers and includes five practice tests taken under real test day conditions along with explanations for the correct and incorrect answers. Beside this, the ACT aspirants can also access a detailed idea about the Optional Writing Test and the way in which the scores are obtained. In short, this prep course allows the test takers to consider the benefits of the ACT prep test.

  • Preparing for the ACT is a free booklet offered by the test makers and allows the students to prepare through ACT prep test or the full-length practice tests and the Optional Writing tests.

  • ACT Classroom by Princeton Review is equipped with ACT prep test as the students can benefit from 4 practice tests that are included in this classroom course.

  • ACT prep test is also offered by ACT Online Prep that includes the practice questions and essays with real scoring system. This program has been designed by ACT test development professionals.

  • The ACT aspirants can also take advantage of the free practice questions that are offered by the test makers. These include five sets of prep questions for English and Mathematics, four for Reading and seven sets for Science.

  • Kaplan's ACT On Demand also helps the students to access the ACT prep test that is offered in the form of 4 proctored tests.


Although, there are several modes of preparations that can be considered by ACT aspirants, nothing matches the significance of an ACT prep test. These tests are useful because they allow the students to get a feel of the actual tests and track their progress until the arrival of the final day of the test. Moreover, taking the practice tests under real conditions instills confidence in the test takers and helps them to fulfill their academic goals in the most effective manner.

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