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Advantages of ACT Test Prep Courses

You will have access to a vast database of ACT test prep materials if you are attending an ACT test prep course. These prep materials may be in the form of test guides or practice tests. Your teachers at the prep course will acquaint you with various strategies for memorizing your fundamentals in such a way that you can recall them easily while taking the actual test. This is very beneficial in the case of math formulae and rules of grammar. You will also be introduced to various strategies for answering questions within the time frame allotted for that particular section. After you have taken a practice test at the ACT test prep course, your teachers will discuss the mistakes you made and they will guide you in rectifying those mistakes so that you do not repeat them in the future. Since, there will be other students along with you attending the prep course; you will be able to learn more by interacting with them. The test prep institutes generally employ well qualified teachers for imparting training in the ACT test prep course and so you will be able to gain a lot from their expertise. Most of the prep courses give you assignments to be completed at home so that you utilize the time available at home to review the content covered in the classes. This is an advantage of attending an ACT test prep course, as your teachers see to it that you are carrying out your ACT test prep in a well planned and dedicated manner. You can even avail the facility of small group tutoring and private tutoring which may be offered by certain test prep institutes.

Disadvantage of ACT Test Prep Course

In spite of the number of advantages listed above, there may still be a number of students who would not prefer to take an ACT test prep course because of the financial implications involved. Many students are not able to afford the cost of registering for prep courses with reputed test prep institutions. If you choose to attend a local ACT test prep course because it is affordable, then it is advisable to check out the antecedents of the test prep institution before enrolling for prep course with them. The study materials being utilized by some of the institutions for the ACT test prep course are substandard and inadequate. Some of these test prep institutions employ inexperienced and incompetent teachers. Even if the teachers are qualified they may not be able to impart adequate attention to each student because of the lopsided teacher to student ratio. The students attending the prep course may be more than the number of students that the infrastructure can handle. This will lead to a poor quality of the instructions being imparted and the end result will be that you will gain nothing by attending the ACT test prep course.


Before deciding to enroll for an ACT test prep course you should see to it that the institute offering the ACT test prep course employs a well qualified faculty, utilizes good quality of study material with adequate practice tests and the teachers are able to impart personal attention to students attending the ACT test prep course. There are a number of students who prepare for the ACT test by self study. This is also a very good option because a lot of study material is available on the internet. There are a number of online ACT test prep courses available which you can take from the comfort of your home and they are as effective in preparing you for the ACT test as any other course. You will find plenty of study material, prep guidance and online ACT test prep courses on web sites like,, and If you plan to carry out self study then make sure you get good ACT test prep guides, take as many free practice tests as possible and chalk out a detailed study plan and try your best to stick to it.

An ACT test prep course cannot guarantee you success in the ACT test unless you put in hard work and study well. You must utilize the ACT test prep course that you are attending by daily reviewing the content taught in the class and you should get all your doubts clarified by the teachers in your class. Whether you prepare for the ACT test by self study or you take a prep course, it is your hard work, determination and dedication which will pay you in the end.

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