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The ACT (American College Testing Assessment) is the most widely accepted test, the scores of which are utilized by colleges across the US to evaluate students for their eligibility for admissions. The ACT test evaluates the knowledge that you have acquired and the skills that you have developed while carrying out your high school studies. The ACT test covers the Math, English, Science and Reading subject areas. A number of colleges accept your ACT test score sheet along with your application for admission. The college admission committee uses the ACT test scores to evaluate your potential in absorbing the content taught in your college studies and also your aptitude in the subject area in which you wish to carry out your college studies. Candidates who apply for admissions to colleges would have completed their high school studies from different schools in different localities. The ACT test provides a common platform to the college admission committees for gauging the academic competence of the applicants.

ACT Test Prep Course

The ACT measures subject specific skills that you have acquired over a period of time while carrying out your high school studies. Therefore, registering for a short ACT test prep course which will rush you through the fundamentals of high school level academics will not be of any use. You should therefore be very clear about the subject areas in which you need more practice and then you should identify a suitable ACT test prep course that meets your requirements. You will need an ACT test prep course that works on brushing up your knowledge and skills in the subject areas where you need them the most. There are a number of web sites on the internet that offer online prep courses also. You can register for one of these or you can join ACT Prep classes being held in your vicinity.

It is advisable to take an initial diagnostic practice test before starting your ACT test prep. By taking this practice test you will also be able to assess the time taken by you to answer the questions. As the ACT Test is a timed test, the initial practice test will reflect your preparedness for taking the ACT test within the stipulated time frame. Along with the overall score, you will also get the individual scores of the independent subject areas. This will help you to assess yourself and identify the subject areas which need your attention.

Most of the ACT prep courses conduct a pre test to gauge your knowledge and skills and to identify your weaknesses and strengths. The teachers will then guide you towards improving your weak areas and further strengthening your strong areas. The curriculum of the ACT prep courses include a number of timed practice tests which have questions similar to the ones asked in the actual ACT test. These practice tests are timed exactly as per the timings laid out for answering questions in the actual ACT test. So, they give you a feel of the environment in which you will take the actual ACT test.

Many students plan to take the ACT test when they are in their junior year at high school, so that they can take a remedial ACT test prep course, if required, and improve their scores when they are in senior school. You can take the ACT test on six national test dates. Therefore, your ACT prep requires careful planning. You should be familiar with the content tested on the ACT Test and you are the best judge for deciding whether you would like to go in for an ACT test prep course or you would like to prepare for the ACT Test by self study.

There are various test preparation institutes like Kaplan and Test Masters that conduct ACT prep courses. You will find ACT test prep course related information at their web sites, and For more details on the content tested by the ACT Test log on to ACT’s web site, This web site provides detailed information on ACT Test including practice test questions, ACT test tips and test description, free of cost. On this web site, you can also enroll for an ACT test prep course and buy The Real ACT Prep Guide which contains actual questions asked in previous ACT Tests.

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