ACT Prep Class

ACT score is an important parameter to decide an applicant's chances of securing admission in a college in the US, US territories, and Canada. ACT is a test which measures the skills which a student has acquired in the high school. It is not a test of one's memory or intelligence. Colleges consider the test scores as a standardized measuring stick to take a decision about the admissions and the scholarships they offer. So it is very important to score a high score in ACT. To get your aimed score in this test, you need to have a systematic study plan and expert guidance. Enrolling in an ACT preparatory class is a good way to initiate your preparation and is a custom tailored study methodology offered by various institutions in various forms. The most common forms of preparation are the classroom based or internet based preparatory classes. Then there are private tutoring, crash courses, short term courses and review classes. Then there are private tutoring, crash courses, short term courses and review classes. This class is an interactive study method. The basic difference between a preparatory class and self study is presence of a teacher or a guide.

Before deciding to take a class, you should do a self analysis or take a diagnostic test. A diagnostic test helps you to identify your requirements, your weaknesses and strengths. You will be able to judge the areas which require more attention. You can download these diagnostic tests from  web sites. There are many web sites which offer these tests for free download.

Following are the various forms of classes available in the market or on net.

Regular Class-room Based ACT Prep Classes

This type of preparation involves classroom based coaching classes. These classes offer full time ACT study courses. These classes provide full teaching of the ACT test contents. These classes are conducted as per their fixed study schedule so they give you a definite and disciplined study schedule. Taking such classes in reputed institutions offer much tailored study programs. The course of these preparatory classes covers the contents of all the four sections of the test plus writing test. In classroom based classes, the best part is that you interact with your faculty face to face. Your problems get immediate attention. The test pattern, test taking strategies and typical questions are discussed in the classes. You can even interact with fellow students. It motivates you to work hard and a feeling of competition also arises.

Online ACT Prep Classes

In online preparatory classes, you do not have to attend classes in person. Online classes provide flexibility to your studies as you can plan your study schedule according to your comfort level. You can access online study courses from anywhere. These study courses provide unlimited access to the virtual faculty. These classes offer comprehensive study material and many practice tests. These online classes offer many useful tips and strategies to prepare for the exam. Few web sites which offer these online ACT study courses are, There is also an online prep course offered by ACT itself. You can purchase these courses from the respective web sites.

ACT Test Class

ACT test classes are the classes which offer effective and intensive revision and practice sessions. ACT test classes can help you by supporting your self study schedule. Classes help you in improving your scores by reviewing the subject matter in detail. These classes prepare you in applying various test taking strategies. These classes train you in taking timed tests. Many web sites offer these type of ACT test classes.

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