Good Books for Studying for ACT

ACT Prep Books for Comprehensive Study

Guide Books for ACT:

Preparatory books for the ACT help you in understanding the test from its core, by offering you in-depth study resources and ample practice questions to solve. Without them you cannot think of studying on your own and to take the test as they play the most dominant role in explaining the test structure and question pattern of ACT. Even if you wish to take preparatory classes, you can select some books for working out more ACT questions and test papers. The prep books often contain CD-ROMs with them that offer you video tutorials, access to online prep resources and programs, which imitate the actual test center ambiance. Finally, these books are authored by renowned prep organizations like, the Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc. that makes them even more authentic and desirable.

What Is the Need of ACT Prep Books?

There are certain reasons why you need to purchase preparatory books. Let us know why under the following sub-headings:

a) Study Resources.

Books offer you quality study resources that cover all aspects of the test. They are comprehensive in nature and provide you excellent study materials that are required for the test preparation. You can depend upon the authenticity of the study resources if they are issued by popular publishers.

b) Practice Questions.

Another major importance, of a book, is that you get to practice a lot of practice questions and exercises, based on the test sections. Practicing the test section questions automatically clears up your concepts about the test content and boosts up your confidence of taking the examination.

c) Tips and Strategies.

Preparatory books offer you various steps to take and schemes to follow for acing the test as you can find useful tips and strategies inside the prep books for approaching the ACT questions and solve them successfully.

After learning about the importance of books, let us read reviews of some of the best prep books available in the market under the following headings:

Princeton Review Cracking the ACT 2012 Edition:

The Princeton Review is very popular among the ACT test takers because of the utilities and benefits, which you receive from their test preparatory book. Cracking the ACT offers you practice tests and answer keys, credible directions on how to compose a promising essay response and comprehensive explanation about the five ACT sections. It comes at a reasonable price of $12.16. is a weblink for this book.

Kaplan ACT 2012 Premier:

Test takers who prepare from the Kaplan book avail the following features:

  • It offers you comprehensive test prep resources together with a CD-ROM that contains video tutorials and links for live online streaming of online tutors.
  • Test strategies and tips for solving ACT questions and responding well to essay prompts.
  • Clarifications and details of each section of the test.

Ample practice exercises.

You can learn more about this book and its price at

Barron's ACT Prep Guide:

Studying for ACT becomes easier when you are studying from the Barron's ACT Prep Guide. This guide has been generating top ranking students since it was released and it remains one of the most desired books among the test takers. It offers you complete preparatory resources for all sections of the test together with special instructions to follow for the Science and Writing sections. In addition, it gives you tricks and tips on tackling tough questions and strategies to follow while answering ACT questions. If you wish to read more about this book, you can click on

The Real ACT (CD) 3rd Edition

The makers of the ACT test are the ones who issue this preparatory book and it has the following features:

  • Five previous years' ACT test papers.
  • Hints and propositions on how to answer ACT questions.
  • Worthy information about payment of tuition fee.
  • In-depth analysis of all ACT question types.

You can read more about this book at

Preparing for ACT can be difficult if you are not aided by proper study resources. Hence, go through the above mentioned article about books to know how to utilize them. If you can utilize them perfectly and incorporate them properly in your study routine, you are sure to attain success in ACT.