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There are several ACT test centers across the US where the ACT Test is conducted. The test is conducted on national test dates. You will have to register with the ACT test center supervisor of the test center where you would like to take your test. It will be advisable to register for the ACT Test as early as possible. All details regarding the ACT test centers, ACT Test dates and deadline for registering for the test are available at ACT?s official web site

Once you have registered for the ACT Test, the first step would be to take a practice test for help in ACT prep. ACT practice tests are easily available on the internet and also on the official web site of ACT. The initial diagnostic practice test will help you identify your strengths and your weaknesses. You can then plan on taking a remedial prep course to help in ACT prep by brushing up your skills in the subject areas in which they are lacking. Many of the prep courses carry out a pre test, and they design an ACT prep help schedule that is tailored to suit your requirements. This ACT prep help plan will identify a prep course that works on improving your weak subject areas so that you are better prepared for answering questions pertaining to those areas when you take the ACT Test again. The teachers will help in ACT prep by guiding you to use your strengths to your advantage. Your teachers at the prep course will impart expert guidance on question answering strategies. You will also be taught various tips and tricks to memorize and retain all the content that you have reviewed during your ACT Prep. You will be required to take a practice test again after some days, to analyze how much you have absorbed from all the review that you have been carrying out as a part of your ACT prep. After analyzing your scores, you can lay more emphasis on the subject specific skills which need further refinement.

If you are not keen on taking a prep course, you can plan to study on your own. You will find a number of practice tests and ACT prep help material including ACT prep help books in local bookstores and also on the internet. The official web site of ACT, contains the official ACT prep help book, ‘The Real ACT Prep Guide’, which contains tests that have been prepared by the makers of ACT. The questions in this guide book are similar to the questions asked in the actual ACT test. You must buy The Real ACT Prep Guide, if you are planning to prepare for ACT by self study, as it contains actual test questions from prior exams. Going through this ACT prep help book will familiarize you with the type of questions that will be asked on the actual ACT Test. The official web site also contains links to resources such as practice tests, test tips, test description and test information absolutely free of cost. These resources can be effectively utilized for ACT prep help, especially if you are carrying out your ACT prep by self study.

Your ACT prep should include a thorough review of your high school textbooks. You should be familiar with the basic rules of grammar and mathematics. You should make an endeavor to work on the type of questions asked in the ACT Test. The key to success in the ACT Test is loads of practice which can be achieved by taking as many practice tests as possible. Your ACT prep help is incomplete without practice tests. The more practice tests you take, the more comfortable you will be while taking the actual ACT Test. While taking practice tests you should try and stick to the laid down timings. Time management training is a very important aspect of your ACT prep help materials. With practice you will be able to answer the questions in the stipulated time frame. It is very disappointing to leave questions unanswered due to lack of time. Therefore, put in extra effort in your ACT Prep to master the skill of answering questions within the laid down timings.

The official web site contains a link to College Planning which will give you a step by step process to be followed as you prepare for college admissions. It outlines the activities that should be ideally carried out in your freshman, sophomore, and junior and senior years at High school. You should go over the information and use it to your advantage.


You can take an ACT retest if you are not satisfied with your scores. However, the ACT Test can be taken only on a national test date. It will be best to undergo detailed ACT prep, so that you get a satisfying score in the first attempt. It is advisable to take the ACT test when you are in junior year. You can analyze your performance and judge whether you would like to go in for a retest. You can then take remedial prep course to rectify the mistakes you made in the first attempt and go in for a retest in senior year. With dedicated ACT prep, you will be able to score high, plan your career effectively and gain admission to a specialized college of your choice.

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