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A large number of high school students take the standardized ACT test, the scores of which are considered by most colleges across the US, for admissions. This test measures your academic skills in the areas of Science, Math, Reading and English. By taking the ACT test you will be able to gauge your strengths and weaknesses in specific subject areas. This is very helpful in your decision for choosing a career. Your ACT score report will reflect your aptitude for certain skills and then you can choose a career where you will be able to do well. You will also be able to identify suitable colleges to pursue your higher education in order to realize your career aspirations.

ACT Prep Guide and ACT Prep Course

There is no specific laid down period for starting your ACT Prep. While you are attending high school you should generally be aware of the developments in the educational arena. Most students take the ACT when they are in their junior year. This gives them plenty of time to plan their ACT Prep in case they want to take the ACT test again. You can take an ACT retest if you are not happy with your scores. Before starting your ACT Prep you should be aware of the good ACT Prep courses available in case you wish to join one. If you are not keen on joining a prep course, then you can plan on studying for ACT on your own. You will need to identify and buy a good quality ACT prep guide for your ACT prep. It is not necessary that a single ACT prep guide will be sufficient for your ACT prep. Make sure that you study from more than one ACT prep guide as all ACT prep guides differ in the quality and type of the content.

ACT Test Content

The content to be reviewed during ACT Prep is English, Mathematics, and Science of the high school level. You should include whatever was taught in these subjects, while you were attending high school, as the content to be reviewed in your ACT Prep. The questions asked will be direct questions on English, mathematics, science and reading. There is an optional Writing test which tests your essay writing skills. Other than the writing test, all the questions asked in the ACT Test will be multiple choice questions. Your weaknesses and strengths with respect to the ACT test content will be a major deciding factor in identifying the ACT prep guide that you should study from. Choose an ACT prep guide that concentrates on your weak subject areas with respect to the ACT test content.

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