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Advantages of ACT Practice Tests

There are a number of advantages of taking the practice tests at regular intervals when you are preparing for the test. The main advantage is that you gain a great deal of expertise in handling the types of questions asked in the ACT. By the time you take your third or fourth practice test you will be aware of the test format like the back of your hand. You will be more confident, composed and relaxed on the day of the actual test because you will be aware of the type of questions that will be asked. Inadequate practice will make you confused and jittery on the test date leading to poor performance on the test.

The next advantage of taking the practice tests as often as possible is that you can devise tips and tricks to answer all the questions correctly within the stipulated time frame at a comfortable pace. You can use these practice tests to test the tips that you would have picked up from the internet or from your preparatory classes. Adequate practice on the answering strategies outlined in your preparatory book will help you utilize them to their fullest potential. Don’t ever leave any strategy or tip to be tried out on the day of the final test. Utilize the practice tests that you are taking to effectively brush up and polish your time management skills.

You should intersperse your study schedule with adequate number of practice tests at regular intervals. Each practice test you take will help you evaluate the improvements you have made since the last time you took one. You can zero on to specific subject areas where you feel that you have not been able to make much progress. Then you should work towards improving your knowledge and skills in these areas. When you take the next practice test, you will come to know whether you are putting in substantial effort in the right direction or not. Making practice tests a regular part of your study schedule will help you immensely in developing the skills in the subject area where you lack them the most.

Disadvantages of ACT Practice Tests

In spite of all the advantages of taking practice tests there is a section of students who feel that these tests may not actually be as helpful as they are presumed to be. The reason for this belief is that most of the practice test questions are easier than the ones asked in the actual test. Students feel that generally they score lower on the actual test as compared to the practice tests. These students may be right in a way because it is difficult to maintain a common standard for questions used in the practice tests as they are prepared by different writers.

Certain practice tests have been found to contain printing mistakes. Coming across such printing mistakes leads to a questionable genuineness of the practice tests. Therefore, rather than going in for any practice test that you can lay your hands on, it will be better to practice on the tests that have been prepared by reputed institutes or by ACT itself.


The age old saying ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ holds true in the case of ACT test. The key to succeeding in the test is loads and loads of practice. The content tested by the ACT is of the high school level but you should not underestimate the level of preparation required to take this test. In addition to the content review you should include a number of practice tests as a part of your preparation. Regular practice on answering questions specific to the ACT format within the stipulated time frame will definitely add to the level of your preparedness for the test.

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