College admission committees across the US scan through the ACT score reports of all applicants to segregate the candidates who they feel are most eligible for admission. Your ACT score report should stand out amongst the others if you want to secure admission to a college program of your choice.

The only way to earn a credible ACT score report is by scoring high in the ACT test. Good ACT scores and sub scores will increase your chances of being short listed for admission. Good ACT scores cannot guarantee admission to a college program of your choice because there are various other criteria that the admission committee will take into consideration before finalizing your admission. However, low ACT scores will definitely keep you out of the competition for admission to reputed college programs.

Diagnostic ACT Practice test

Your ACT prep should commence with taking an initial ACT Practice Test also known as a diagnostic test. You should use the results of this initial ACT Practice Test to assess the amount of preparation you require for the final ACT test. The initial ACT Practice Test need not be timed. You should relax while taking the ACT Practice Test and take as much time as you want to answer the questions. You should keep in mind that you are taking the initial ACT Practice Test for testing yourself. As you go through the different sections of the ACT, you will be able to identify the subject areas in which you need extensive review. You will get an idea of your knowledge in a specific subject by analyzing the number of related questions that you have been able to answer correctly. It is preferable to take an ACT Practice Test which will give you the scores at the end of the test along with a brief explanation of why and where you went wrong.

There are sub scores for each subject test of the ACT. You should be aware of the skills represented by each sub score and your ACT study plan should be directed towards improving the skills in the areas where they are needed the most. Try and identify the level of your skills while taking the initial ACT Practice Test. You should not forget that in addition to the composite ACT score, all your sub scores will also be available to the college admission committees and a single low sub score can create a negative impact on your chances of getting admission.

Online ACT Practice tests

Web sites like and give you access to online ACT Practice Tests. The online ACT Practice tests are very convenient as they are available easily and you can even get some ACT Practice Tests absolutely free of cost. If you have enrolled for an online ACT prep course then you get access to a number of online ACT Practice Tests as a part of the ACT prep course curriculum. In addition to the scores a number of online ACT Practice Tests provide you with explanations for the right answers. The online ACT Practice Test available at will also provide you with answering strategies and a free analysis of your weaknesses.

ACT Practice Tests in Books

When you are collecting study material for your ACT prep, be sure to pick up ACT guides which have a good number of ACT Practice Tests. The Real ACT Prep Guide has been prepared by the ACT test makers and it contains three real ACT Practice Tests. The ACT Practice Tests are real in the sense that the questions included in the ACT Practice Tests have been picked up from previous ACT tests. Therefore, you must attempt each ACT Practice Test available in this ACT book to familiarize yourself with the type of questions that will be asked in the actual ACT test.

There are other books like Cracking the ACT by Princeton Review, Kaplan ACT 2007 Premier Program by Kaplan, McGraw-Hill's 10 ACT Practice Tests and Barron's ACT, 2007 that contain a number of ACT Practice Tests. These books are easily available in most bookstores and are also available on You should ideally carry out an investigation to check which of these books will be most helpful for you.

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