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The Real ACT Prep Guide is a popular test guide used by students to prepare for this examination. The reason for its popularity is that this guide has been prepared by the organization that prepares the actual test. The main advantage of buying The Real ACT Prep Guide is that it contains questions that were asked in the previous tests, in the form of 3 real ACT Tests. Therefore, most students who will be taking this exam prefer to buy this book as compared to the others that are available in the market. This guide also contains various tips and strategies for answering the questions with detailed description of the formatting and composition of the test including that of the  Writing Test. You will also get information on how your scores are interpreted by the college admission committees. This book is available in most bookstores. You can also buy it online from ACT’s official web site www.actstudent.org and also from www.amazon.com

A large number of students who have studied from The Real ACT Prep Guide feel that it is necessary to go through it if you want to practice on real questions. The key to succeeding in the test is to practice and what can be better than practicing on questions from previous tests? However, it is felt that the strategies for answering questions and the explanations for the right and wrong answers could have been discussed in more detail in other guides. The students who are preparing for a retest feel that a section of this book (that deals with the format of the questions) is not required as they’re already familiar with the type of questions asked. Therefore, if you want to brush up your skills in specific content areas then you may have to go in for some other books in addition to this one.

Some of the other useful  guides are ‘Cracking the ACT’ from Princeton Review and the ‘Kaplan ACT 2007 Premier Program’. This Kaplan  guide comes with a CD ROM containing 2 full length practice tests. There are 2 more practice tests in the Kaplan book. It also contains content review and strategies to score high in the ACT. ‘Cracking the ACT’ has been found to be very useful by most students as far as reviewing the basic concepts of high school academics is concerned. However, the Reading section review of this book has been found to be unsatisfactory by a number of students.


You can register for this examination online by logging on to its official web site ( www.actstudent.org). You can also look up information regarding test center locations, test dates and last date for registration from this web site. A number of high school and college offices provide students with information related to this test's registration. The test  is conducted on 6 national testing dates in test centers throughout the US. You should choose a convenient test date keeping in mind that it takes about a month for the score sheet to be mailed to you from the date you took the test. If you have not been able to get a high score in your first attempt, you can plan on taking a retest to improve your scores.

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