Dates for ACT Test

ACT Exam Test Dates that You Should Look Out For

The ACT is a standardized test which measures whether an individual is ready for college or not. Its results are mostly accepted and is considered to be at par with the SAT, its rival, though some universities may prefer one test over the other according to their own discretion. Almost all universities and colleges across the territory of the United States of America accept the ACT as a measure for judging whether the individual is worthy of being admitted to their college/university or not. It is used in combination with other criteria like GPA and extra-curricular activities while deciding which students meet the admission criteria.

If you are planning to give the exam any time soon, you should be aware of the testing dates of the ACT (relevant to the period in which you are planning to test). Currently, ACT has provided information about testing dates up till June, 2014. There is a standard pattern in which the test is conducted. This pattern differs between national and international locations.

National Locations

Students testing in the United States, its territories, Canada or Puerto Rico are said to be testing in national locations. The exam is conducted six times ( in the session which starts in September and ends in June. You can choose any of the six exam dates that is most suitable for you. New York test centers will not be conducting the exam in the month of February. Exams are conducted on Saturdays. Students who cannot test on a Saturday due to religious beliefs and convictions can apply for non-Saturday testing provisions. The exam is conducted once each in the months of September, October, December, February, April and June. The registration deadlines end mostly a month before the day of testing. The late registration deadlines generally end two weeks before the examination day. These deadlines differ between test dates.

International Locations

Students who will test in any other location except for the ones specified as national locations are said to be testing in international locations. The ACT is conducted up to 5 times ( in international locations. The international testing session begins in October and ends in June. The months in which the test is conducted are October, December, February, April and June. The Writing test is not offered on the test date falling in the month of February. The registration deadline ends around a month before the actual test date. You can consult the ACT website for detailed information regarding the schedule of the ACT. There is no option of late registration for students testing internationally.

Test Center Change, Test Date Change and Cancellation of Writing Option

If, for any reason, you wish to change your test center, your test date or you wish to cancel your option of taking the Writing test; you can do so up till the late registration deadline. Additional fees are charged for all these services. If you want to cancel your registration for the test altogether, you can do so as well, but you will not be refunded the basic fee amount. You will only be refunded the fee for additional services. Thus, if you have registered for the test, it is better if you appear for it.

Choosing an Appropriate Test Date

Choose a test date keeping in mind your level of preparation and the deadlines by which you need to submit your score reports to universities. Leave enough time to prepare well for the test as well as receiving the score reports well before the deadline.

Check the following website: if you require any more information about the test dates and other aspects of the ACT.