ACT Exam Schedule

The Schedule Followed for ACT Testing

At the outset it needs to be clarified that the word 'schedule' in the title is being used in a larger sense than its restrictive meaning of 'time-table'. In its broader sense, it can be taken to mean a plan of how to go about meeting a proposed end.

The ACT exam schedule, therefore, while highlighting the ACT exam time-table, will also touch upon factors like registering for the exam and getting to know the exam scores.

The ACT exam schedule, then, may be said to begin with ACT's declaration of test dates, and the dates for registration.

The ACT exam is usually held on Saturdays from four to six times a year, in September, October, December, February, April, and June. Exactly how many times it is administered varies from state to state.

Though it is usually held on a Saturday, there is a separate provision for those who, for religious reasons, cannot appear for the exam on that day. Such students, and others who meet certain strict criteria (a description of which is not within the purview of this article) can apply for 'Arranged Testing'.

We will discuss their ACT exam schedule later.

The 2012 ACT Time-Table

For general students, the ACT exam time-table has been announced for 2012, 2013, and the first half of 2014. However, this article will limit itself to the 2012 time-table.

The next ACT test in 2012 is on April 14. The normal and late registration deadlines were March 9 and March 23 respectively, and if, at this moment, you are still keen on appearing for ACT in April 2012, the only way you can do it as by registering as a standby. While a standby candidate is required to pay an additional fee, he/she is served on a first-come-first-served basis, and there is no guarantee that he/she will actually be tested.

Following the April test, ACT will be administered on June 9. The registration deadline is May 4. Registration with late fees will be admissible between May 5 and May 18.

The September ACT exam is scheduled for the 8th. Normal registration will end on August 17. You can register with late fees between August 18 and August 24. In October, the ACT exam will be held on the 27th. The registration deadline is September 21; and, with late fees, October 5.

The final ACT exam this year is scheduled for December 8, with its accompanying dates for normal and late registration being November 2 and November 3-16 respectively.

ACT Registration

You can register for ACT online or by mail. If you are younger than 13 years or cannot pay by credit card, you cannot register online. Otherwise, online registration is not only the fastest method of registration, but you also immediately get to know if your preferred test center is available.

Schedule for Arranged Testing

We now return to the ACT Exam Schedule for Arranged Testing.

When candidates apply for Arranged Testing, they find a list of testing windows on the request form.

Arranged Testing can be taken on any day during one of the listed testing windows.

The time for testing may be mutually agreed upon by the student and the supervisor. ACT prefers that the testing be scheduled for fairly early in the morning.

Another requisite for Arranged Testing is that there must be an availability of approximately three-and-a-half hours of continuous uninterrupted time for ACT without the writing test, and of four hours for ACT Plus Writing.

The recommended test center for Arranged Testing is the candidate's high school, but where this is not possible, ACT suggests that the candidate contacts testing departments in nearby colleges and universities.

In specific cases, Arranged Testing can also be arranged at the candidate's home, or at a hospital. However, this requires special authorization from ACT.

Learning Your Scores

Once testing is completed, the next step is to learn your scores. Wait for two-and-a-half weeks, and then, through your web account, begin checking up on whether the multiple-choice scores have been posted.

As for the score reports, they are mailed out about 3-8 weeks after the test date.

Finally, it may be said that the ACT exam schedule is meticulously planned and executed. Indeed, that is one important reason why ACT has been gaining in popularity over the years.

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