Results of ACT Exam

Most colleges do not have a fixed minimum requirement of the results of the ACT. But they are an important criteria required for the admissions in these colleges. Good results will help you to get a place in a reputed college of your choice. Many students take this test more than once to improve their scores. Students normally take ACT once in their junior year, and then again take the test in their senior year. You have a choice to send your best scores to the colleges. Colleges use your results in more than one way like in admission process, they consider your ACT exam report along with your high school grades, class rank, extracurricular activities, work experience, personal background etc. Colleges usually offer three levels of courses in a particular subject- developmental, regular, and advanced course, so while deciding about the course for you, they consider your results and high school grades. Thus, in order to score as high as you can in the ACT, you should check the requirements of your favorite college in advance. Your scores also help you in deciding about your future. You can select your major subject on the basis of your scores in the different subjects.

Your test report can also get financial help required for higher studies. If you score good marks in ACT, then you can apply for scholarships, grants and loans. Colleges consider your academic background and your ACT exam report while giving scholarship. Many loan agencies also consider your scores as a guarantee for the payment of loans. You can also join work study programs which allow you to work to earn money while studying. Your college counselors may help you if you have obtained high scores in the ACT. The high schools also get benefited from the reports of the ACT as the counselors and administrators in the high schools use the test scores while guiding students in their careers. Your scores also act as a parameter to help the schools to decide the most suitable teaching method for you.

Test Score Report

When you register for ACT, you are asked to give the names of four colleges where you want to send your score reports. The cost of this reporting is included in your exam fees of US $30. If you have taken this exam more than once, then your best scores are sent to the colleges. But you should plan at least three or four months ahead of your college admissions as ACT results take 3 to 7 weeks time to reach your chosen colleges from your test date. You can view your scores online at the official web site through your web account. Detailed information about the test and scores can be obtained from the web site

Finally, the baseline is that to get admission in the college of your choice, you have to score well. Knowledge about the format and ACT ranks will help you to do well in ACT and score good marks.

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