Registration for ACT

7 Essentials of ACT Registration

Registering for the ACT is an essential, as it is the prerequisite for appearing for the test. There are two ways of registering for ACT. You can register either by mail or by the online mode. Online registration is faster than mail registration and in online registration there is no fear of getting mailed documents lost in the transit.


'Register-by-mail' is an option for enrolling for the ACT exam and it can be carried out in few cases such as when the test taker is younger than 13 years and does not have credit card or other serialized voucher to pay the registration fee. The register-by-mail packet takes 7-10 working days to reach the recipient. It does not contain listings of test centers and colleges. A test taker has to find these details online. A test taker has to send the request for register-by-mail packet through the form at: One test taker can request for just one packet of register-by-mail.

To register for this exam is actually a simple process. Online ACT registration will be discussed subsequently in few easy steps.

Steps and Essentials of ACT Registration:

1. Create a Web Account

In order to register, the first step is to create a student web account. You can click on the sign up/log in icon of the home page of the official website of ACT and follow instructions to fill the details (

Reason for creation for web account:

  • You can register online if you have a web account.
  • You can send the scores online to the colleges through your web account.
  • You can print your admission ticket.
  • If you have missed the original test date, you can change the test date.
  • You can view your scores and get your score report online.
  • You can update information like updating your high school grades.

2. Provide Operational e-mail Address

One important point to be noted here is that while creating your web account, you need to provide an operational and correct e-mail id. You also need to remember the password of the mail, as the concerned mail id will receive all the information regarding ACT. It will operate as a communication link between ACT and you. You can add the following addresses in the address list of your email so as to avoid losing any important communication from the ACT.

3. Fill the Details in the Form

Once the web account is created, you need to fill in the required details in the registration form. The form is quite detailed. Since the account is already created, you can visit the site later to fill in the details. However there are few fields marked as mandatory. You cannot go further in the form, if you do not fill the mandatory fields. One should be prepared with the important data related to filling up of the form. The form contains personal details, high school details, postal address details, preferred college details, desired test centre details and test date details among other documentations. Click on 'register now' to complete the process of online registration.

4. Request for Stand-by Testing

If due to some unavoidable circumstances, you have missed the deadline for registration, you can request for stand-by testing by filling up a downloadable form from the official site of ACT. Stand-by testing is a concept in which a test taker can go to the test center on the test date to take the exam. But he/she will be allowed entry only if there is a surplus of seats or staff or answering material. It does not ensure certainty. At the test center, stand-by testing is on the basis of 'first come, first serve'. This test arrangement bears additional cost.

5. Problem in Online Registering

If you are having problems in registering through the online mode, do check for the software support of your computer. You can find information about the system and browser combination apt for registration here:

6. Refund of Fees in Case of Cancellation of Registration:

If you opt not to appear for the ACT, your registration fee is non-refundable. So you should think before registering for ACT.

7. Changes in the Registration for the ACT

If you want to make certain changes in registration or if you want to appear for the Writing test, which previously you had not opted for, you can do so by logging into your web account and making changes subsequently. However the changes will be entertained only till the last date of registration.

With these easy steps, the enrollment process for the ACT can be carried out comfortably.