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How to Select ACT Test Dates

After you are through with your high school courses, what clicks to your mind is what you should do next. Which college in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada will be the most suitable for you to join? What courses will be the best to opt for during your graduation period? You can get answers to these questions by taking ACT. This test can be taken by those who are at least 13 years old. This test is held across the world at many locations but after you pass it, you can take admission in one of the colleges that are located in the United States and its territories, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Okay, you have come across the details of ACT but the question that now arises in your mind is why should you know these details about ACT? Actually, when you register online with ACT, your high school profile is submitted to the administrators of ACT, which is then referred to by several colleges. Through your registered profile, these colleges come to know about your interests, the courses that you have already studied during your high school, the subject that you want to opt for as a major during your graduation, the type of job that you want to hold in future etc. Along with this information, colleges consider your ACT scores and offer admissions to their academic programs.

Now that you have come to know about the importance of ACT, it is the time to prepare yourself to take this test. However, before you take ACT, you must know about ACT dates i.e. when the test is organized at various locations across the world. In the United States, US Territories, Puerto Rico and Canada, this test is to be held on 14th April, 2012; 9th June, 2012; 8th September, 2012; 27th October, 2012 and 8th December, 2012. The registration deadlines for these ACT dates are 9th March, 2012; 4th May, 2012; 17th August, 2012; 21st September, 2012 and 2nd November, 2012 respectively. The registration deadline for the test to be held on 14th April, 2012 has already passed. Hence, hurry up, before the remaining registration deadlines expire! To get more information about the ACT dates, you can visit the link

Confused with Selecting an ACT Date?

At this point of time, you are well aware of the several test dates available for ACT, but this creates a problem for you. Obviously, you find it difficult to decide the most appropriate test date. Moreover, the ACT test is to be held on different test dates at various test centers. Therefore, you have to choose one of the ACT dates and a test center to attend the exam. This decision will be influenced by factors such as, distance between a test center and your place of residence; conveyance facilities to reach a test center easily; any personal or religious obligations that you must meet; the application deadlines of the colleges of your choice etc.

Colleges and your Decision on ACT test dates

Any college that accepts an ACT score as a criterion for offering admissions to their undergraduate programs, accepts applications at different times. Let us discuss about Auburn University to make this point clear. Auburn city is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. This city is gradually developing and is focusing more on education of the youth. Auburn University is working on the track of providing education facilities to the youths of Auburn. It comprises various colleges from different streams such as, engineering, veterinary, business administration, agriculture etc. If you want to apply to this university for its undergraduate program in any of the above streams, you must know that for taking admission to its undergraduate program, you have to begin applying for admission from August 1, only then will you be considered for the 'Early action' plan that begins in October. If you have submitted application by October 1, your result will be reported by October 15. Thus, you have to choose an ACT test date accordingly. To get detailed information about the Auburn University for choosing a test date from among the many ACT dates, you can refer to the webpage

Now that you have gone through the points discussed in this article, you can consider them while choosing the most appropriate ACT test date from among the several ACT dates that are available to you. This article will surely help you in taking the right decision!

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