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The ACT test assesses your understanding of the basic concepts of Math, English, Reading and Science subject areas of the high school level. The scores are used by the college admission committees to compare the abilities of the applicants to absorb the content taught in college studies. The test is designed in such a way that in addition to testing your knowledge on academic fundamentals, it also measures the scientific reasoning skills and writing skills that you would have developed while carrying out your high school studies. Therefore, the college admission committees find the test scores very useful in evaluating your potential as a prospective student of their colleges. The scores reflect your aptitude in various subject areas and also your capability to do well in the first year of your college studies. The test provides a common yardstick for judging all applicants irrespective of the high school from where they've carried out their studies,

The content tested is of the high school level, but you should not draw the conclusion that preparing for the test is an easy task. In spite of the fact that you may be in your junior or senior year at high school when you take the test, you may have to carry out extensive review of the content taught in all your years at high school. The only advantage would be that since you are in touch with your studies you may not have any major difficulty in recalling the basic fundamentals of the subject areas assessed by the test. You have to dedicate attention to each of the sub tests of the test, that is, Math, English, Science and Reading test. If you are taking the optional Writing Test too, then you should prepare for it accordingly. A large number of students attend classes to assist themselves in their preparation.

Most students plan to take the test while they are attending junior year at high school. This gives them enough time to prepare for a retest in their senior year if they plan to take one in order to improve their scores. If you have to prepare for your test along with the daily routine of your high school commitments, then you will realize that you may not have enough time on your hands to put in adequate effort in your study leading to a dismal score and probably not qualifying for admission to a college of your choice.

You can start your preparation by taking a practice test at no cost. This initial practice test will help you to identify the content areas in which you will need extensive review. You should then plan your preparation in such a way that you are able to dedicate more effort in overcoming your weaknesses. If you feel that you will not be able to improve your weak subject areas by self study then you can decide to enroll for an ACT class.

Therefore, it is advisable to register for a class at the earliest available opportunity and make the best use of it. Getting admission to a college of your choice will pave the way for success in achieving your career aspirations. However, this is possible only if you get good scores. Do not forget that there are a number of students appearing for the test at the same time as you are and only the best will be able to secure admission to reputed colleges. Therefore, you have to put your best in your preparation and what could be better than availing the facilities and guidance provided by a prep class?

There are a number of institutes that help you in preparation by offering classes. The courses conducted by reputed institutes like Kaplan can prove to be very beneficial. Such institutes possess a great deal of experience in preparing students for the test. The teachers handling the class impart expert guidance to the students and are able to clarify most of their doubts. The students attending classes with a good institute are able to gain access to a wide range of excellent study material and strategies for attempting the questions correctly. The more reputed an institution is, the higher is its registration fees for a class. If you feel that you will not be able to afford the cost of registering, then it would be advisable to go in for self study  when you take the test in your junior year. If the scores are not up to the mark, then you can contemplate going in for a preparation class before you take a retest. There are a number of resources available to help you in self study for the test. You will get a number of guides in bookstores and you can also buy them online in websites like and You can get access to free practice tests and many other test taking tips in the website,

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