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Test prep institutes conducting ACT classes are quite flexible in tailoring an ACT prep schedule that meets your requirements and fits into your daily schedule. Most test prep institutes take an initial diagnostic practice test to gauge your scoring capability in the ACT test. Then they provide you with sound advice on the type of ACT prep class that is best suited for you. You have the option of choosing from a variety of ACT prep programs that the institute has to offer.

Kaplan is one such test prep institution which offers a wide variety of ACT courses. You can check out the various options available at its web site, In addition to ACT classes, Kaplan also offers ACT private tutoring, online ACT prep courses and college admission consulting. However, the category of ACT prep class available for you depends on the Kaplan Center that you are registered with. Most test prep institutes have centers in a number of cities across the country and generally the type of ACT prep class offered may vary slightly from center to center. For instance, private tutoring for ACT prep is available in selected Kaplan centers only. However, their online ACT classes can be accessed from anywhere and will be the same for everyone.

Do not despair if you feel that a reputed ACT prep institute is out of your financial reach. Do not forget that a good ACT prep institute cannot ensure your success in the ACT test. It is ultimately your commitment and hard work that will earn you good ACT scores. So, if you are looking for able guidance and advice for your ACT prep, then an ACT prep class being conducted by a local test prep institute will also be quite helpful. You should pay a great deal of attention to whatever is being taught in the ACT prep class. Make a study group with other students attending the same ACT prep class. You can chalk out a program wherein your study group can get together at home and review what has been learnt in the class. You can discuss the content amongst yourselves and solve your doubts by interacting with each other. The best way to gain knowledge on any subject area is by learning from each others experiences and mistakes.

However, if you are not comfortable studying in a group, then combining your ACT prep class with some self study at home will also do you a lot of good in the long run. You should keep aside a couple of hours daily for your ACT content review. This may be a little difficult considering that you will have your high school assignments to be completed, if you are still attending school. In addition to your school commitments, you teachers at the ACT prep class will also give you some tasks to be completed at home. But you will have to meticulously plan your schedule in such a way that you are able to optimally utilize the time available. You should make it a point to make a note of all the doubts that come up during your ACT review at home. You should then get them clarified by your teacher at the ACT prep class the next day. If you are shelling out money for attending the ACT prep class then make the best use of it or else it will be a complete waste of time, effort and money.

You should try and get in touch with students who've scored high in the ACT test by attending ACT Classes. They will be able to give you invaluable advice in choosing the right ACT prep class for your ACT prep. A number of high school and college offices have information on ACT classes being held near your locality. You should be aware of any such ACT prep class being held in your vicinity, so that you can register for it at the earliest opportunity.

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