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Popular ACT Prep Books

We will now go through some of the features of the most popular books used by students preparing for the ACT. These books are easily available in most bookstores and also on the internet. You can buy these books online from and other such web sites.

The Real ACT Prep Guide is a book published by the test organizing body. In other words, it is the official study guide.  This book is also available online on the official website of ACT ( ). The reasons for popularity of this book are the three practice tests included in the book. The questions that form a part of the practice tests are real questions from previous tests. Therefore, attempting the practice tests from this book gives you a fairly good idea of the difficulty level of the questions asked in the test. In addition to the practice tests and content review, this book also gives you information on the test format.

The booklet Preparing for the Test is available free of cost on: This booklet is very useful especially for those students who are taking the test for the first time. It contains details of the test format and a practice test with a scoring key as well. You should definitely download this booklet and go through it once.

Students who have already taken the test once and are interested in preparing for a retest for improving their scores can try to study from another book, in addition to the Real ACT Prep Guide. This is because they feel the test information and review sections of the book are now redundant as they have already taken the test once. They are now interested in brushing up their skills in the subject areas in which they have not been able to score high leading to an overall low test composite score. They would now like to practice as much as possible on practice tests or maybe review some particular subject area. Some of the other useful ACT prep books are Cracking the ACT by Princeton review, "The ACT for Dummies", Kaplan ACT 2007 Premier Program by Kaplan, "McGraw-Hill's 10 ACT Practice Tests" and "Barron's ACT, 2007". You can carry out an investigation to check which of these books will be most helpful for you.

A number of students find that the reading test content review of the book, "Cracking the ACT" is quite unsatisfactory. It has also been observed that this book has some printing mistakes. However, the answer explanations given in this book have been found to be very useful by most students and this is the main reason why a number of students go in for this book for preparation.

"Kaplan ACT 2007" Premier Program has been prepared by Kaplan which is a world leader in the test preparation industry. This book also comes with a CD-ROM containing 2 more practice tests in addition to the 2 practice tests in the book. If you want to include lots of practice in your preparation then you should go in for "McGraw-Hill's 10 ACT Practice Tests". This book consists of 10 full practice tests. You can time the tests and refine your time management skills and at the same time you can assess the improvements that you are making with each practice test. However, it is felt that the questions included in the practice tests of this book are easier than the ones asked in the actual test.

"The Barron's ACT, 2007" comes with a CD-ROM. This book contains test taking strategies, content review and overview of the test in addition to three practice tests. The CD-ROM provides computerized versions of the tests present in the book with an automatic scoring key.


You must analyze the kind of preparation you need and the content areas which need extensive review before deciding to buy a book. You should plan on procuring a book that suits your requirements. Getting hold of a good book for preparation is not sufficient for achieving high scores; you have to study from it for succeeding in the ACT test. You should make it a point to go over each printed word of the book from the first page to the last in order to utilize the potential of the book to its fullest.

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