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The first step to be taken in order to gain admission to a college of your choice is to score high in the ACT. The scores are accepted by most colleges across the US along with the applications for admissions. It is a standardized paper and pencil test which is administered in a number of test centers on national ACT test dates. You can take the test in international centers also. The content tested is of high school level. The test scores assist the college admission committees in comparing the qualifications and intellect of all the candidates irrespective of the high school from where they've carried out their studies. In order to gain an edge over your competitors and secure admission to a reputed college you should have good scores.

ACT Prep

There are a number of ways in which you can plan your test preparation. You can either go in for self study or for a preparation course. A number of test preparation institutes offer private tutoring and fast paced courses. Online courses are very popular with students because they can avail the facilities of a full fledged course from the comfort of their homes. They can also take the online classes at the time which suits them the most. Online courses are suitable for students who stay in an area where there is a lack of good ACT classroom courses in the vicinity. Most students who take the test from international  test centers also prefer to go in for an online preparation course because of lack of good institutes in their country. If you decide to enroll for a preparation course with an institute, they'll provide you with a range of books and other study materials.

For those of you who would like to carry out preparation for the test by self study, it is very important to collect good books. You will have to carry out detailed investigations before selecting the books that you would like to refer to for your preparation. Once you have identified a suitable one, you can start preparing by self study. The main advantage of self study is that you save the money which you would have spent in enrolling for an ACT preparation course. Also, if you are able to zero in on to an ideal book which meets your specific requirements, then it is possible to score high in the test by effectively utilizing the content covered.

The Ideal Book

You may have to consider various aspects before selecting a suitable book. As stated above, if you are enrolling for a course, you will have access to a number of good books which have been carefully selected by the test preparation institute. If you are planning to carry out the preparation by self study, then you should be careful while selecting the book which you would like to use.

One of the ways to identify an ideal book  would be to log on to a web site like: and go through some reviews. The customer reviews will be very useful as they have been written by students who have gone through those books for their preparation. You can also speak to other college going students in your neighborhood and find out the names of the books that they had utilized for their preparation. They may be able to guide you because they have a first hand experience in studying from those books.

The definition of an ideal book may vary from student to student. If you feel that you need to review the high school content because you lack confidence in your knowledge of the fundamentals of English, Math, Science and Reading, then you should select the book which lays a great deal of emphasis on reviewing the content tested. If you feel that you are thorough with your basics of high school academics but you need practice for the types of questions asked in the test, then you should go in for the book which has a number of practice tests. If you are taking the test for the first time then it will be advisable to go in for the book that gives you some information about the format of the test in addition to the content review and practice tests. You may find that a single book is not able to fulfill your requirements. In this case you can buy a combination of different books which will assist you in your preparation.

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